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Description of Photo Description of Photo Thursday we celebrated Oscar's birthday just a little bit early. Christina usually decides on our restaurants. Oscar and I never have a problem with that because Christina is freaking awesome at restaurant picking. She's a yelp elite so she knows what's up. She chose Connie & Ted's We had to make the reservations a couple weeks in advance because Connie & Ted's gets booked fast. For two weeks I waited and literally salivated over the pictures of that lobster roll. Then Thursday came and I couldn't wait. We ordered like bosses and I used up almost all my cheat points for the week...but man was it worth it. I'm not just saying that either, the lobster roll was as amazing as I imagined. Another great thing about Connie & Ted's was the atmosphere. Our server was so attentive and funny and helped us order. I love that, when a server knows what he's doing and seems to love his job. We ordered family style because I swear it's the best way to eat, get a little bit of everything. First things first, had to get our beers and Christinas water (with ice, she was crazy) Description of Photo Appetizers of 3 clam chowders from left to right:: Rhode Island, New England and Manhattan. I'm partial to New England but they were all so so good. I loved having a taste of each. Description of Photo Angels on horseback. Oysters wrapped in bacon. Description of Photo Calamari under all that arugula. Description of Photo Christina and Oscar shared the fish with spinach and bacon. I didn't feel like fish so I just ate some brussels sprouts. Description of Photo Description of Photo Aaaaaand the lobster roll, two pictures because it was that good. Description of Photo Description of Photo Our birthday boy :: today is his actual birthday!
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  1. I shouldn't have read this right before lunch. LOL. especially when all I brought was cup o' noodles. LMAO

  2. haha! sorry ana! I should have put a disclaimer :)


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