pumpkin patch

Description of Photo Description of Photo Before October is over I want to share a few pics we took at the pumpkin patch we went to earlier this month. This year we went to 3, so my goal to going to a billion was almost fulfilled. I didn't take pictures at all of the pumpkin patches. There was something really unique about the first one we visited, they had a little piggy in the petting zoo. We went the day after the pumpkin patch opened, everything was sooo clean. We were the only people there for at least 2 hours. Ardo had just had a little nap so he was in a great mood.

I also learned a very important lesson at the petting zoo. DO NOT TAKE IN FOOD! I don't mean regular people food, that I already knew, but the food to feed the animals. It was just way too much. The animals were so aggressive with each other and it scared Ardo a little and I was filthy because they kept rubbing up on me. The only animals allowed to do that is our dogs, and of course that sweet little piggy. Description of Photo My sisters and I trying to take a picture, but Ardo thought it was some sort of game! Description of Photo Description of Photo He had to tell me "beep beep" and get in on my witch! Description of Photo They had a few little rides....
Then I made him take a picture with his mama! Description of Photo

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