not following through

This weekend, oh man this weekend was a weekend for Ikea. When Jerry I first moved into our apartment it felt as if we spent EVERY weekend at Ikea. It's probably because we did! Now we go every so often but something happened in my apartment. I started decorating, and then I stopped. I will say partly had to do with money, because decorating no matter how small costs money, but still, I hate that, not following through. I feel like I start so many things and then just stop them. Remember when I said I started insanity? I was sick for two weeks, first with a bad a cold and then with a bad stomach thing and insanity...stopped. I had started juicing before then of course I stopped. Even this blog, I struggle all the time to keep it consistent. I've realized blogging on the weekends is unrealistic. My weekend days are so long, much longer than work days, and on work days I feel motivated to work sometimes all day. Weekends are for family and relaxing oh and Ikea - haha! I told Jerry about how I hate that I feel as tho I never follow through. I notice the trend seems to be with plans I make for myself. When it comes to my commitment to others, I always show up, I can say with confidence I can be depended on, so I just need to do that for myself. My main goal is to eat better, exercise, in hopes to feel better in general. Too many days I spend eating unhealthy and then complaining about my baby gut. Oh the complaints. I think because Jerry is NOT a complainer, he doesn't understand why I lay down, eat a bag of cornuts then complain about my bod. And well, he's right. So I've decided to start my insanity over starting tonight. So I can start somewhere. I've been juicing the past 6 days, exchanging on meal for a juice, usually that meal is breakfast, cause when you start to see the starbucks drive thru every morning, it's called having a problem. I know me, so I'm not exchanging the same meal. I won't stick to that and I tried one of those juice cleanses, no thank you! I need actual food. Fruit, leaves, anything to chew on. I have plans once again, in the decorating department, we decided to focus on Ardo's room first, and then decorate room by room. Small goals! Happy Wednesday and today is such a gorgeous crisp day....fall is that you knocking at our door?

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