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I've mentioned on this blog before that I lived in Alabama for 6 months of my life. Between November 2009 and May 2010 I uprooted my life here in Los Angeles, and moved to the coldest winter Alabama had ever experienced. I mean 16 degree weather on a daily basis. The move itself wasn't really hard on me, it was more like an exciting adventure. I didn't work for the first two months. I had been working since I was 17 non stop, so to take a two months off was much appreciated. In January I decided it was time to start looking for work. I initially wanted to work in an office, I had just come from working in an office for 5 years, I was used to it. I put in a few resumes but nothing was biting, so I decided to apply at a restaurant as well. In Alabama, there was a little shopping area just 20 minutes away from where we lived, I decided to try my luck there at a few restaurants. The first restaurant I saw was Mimi's Cafe. I stopped in put my application and the next day I was hired. There were two types of people that worked at mimi's some really amazing girls and some girls who decided they wanted to test the "new girl" from California. There was one testy girl who in my opinion I handled very well. I've always been able to stick up for myself, probably because I'm a middle child, so you know...survivor skills. When I was tested at Mimi's, I think the girl automatically assumed I'd just hide away and take the hazing process that happens sometimes. But she didn't know this girl from California, the first and only argument I got into was with a girl named Kiana. I had worked at Mimi's only a couple weeks when I noticed one girl kept acting weird. She would be really loud in front of me, she wouldn't answer me if I asked a question. I was a hostess and if I made a mistake -I mean I was new- it was blown out of proportion. I let a couple go because I was new, but by the following week I thought, if I don't stand up for myself and say something, she's just gonna keep doing it. So, I did. I remember she yelled at me about seating her twice, just yelled and then walked away, and I had it, so right there in front of the muffins I had it out with her. I told her I had enough of her S and lots of other things that I had had enough of. When the little yell match was over I felt better. I knew standing up for myself was the best thing for me. I remember the next shift I worked everyone was talking about how Kiana and I had gotten into an argument, and no one could believe that the little "quiet" girl from California had stood up to her. But you know what, that was that, and I never had to deal with hazing again!
Mimi's had great points too, I met two wonderful amazing friends, that I still call friends til this day. Tiffany and Austina. Oh man these girls were hilarious! When we worked together I would be rolling on the floor laughing, literally at the stuff that came out of there mouths. We clicked right away. They were the first friends I made in Alabama that wasn't a friend of Jerry's. My first friends. Tiffany and I were closer in age and she really took me under her wing. Introducing me to her friends and taking me out. Austina and I had our fun at Mimi's or as we like to refer to it...the cafe.
You're probably wondering why I'm telling you this long looong story. A few weeks ago a girl whom I'm still friends with on facebook that recently worked at mimi's announced mimi's was closing. Out of nowhere it was the strangest thing, I got really sad. I hated and loved working there at the same time. I guess because I have this fantasy of going back to Alabama one day (just to visit) and go back to the cafe. For me, that's where part of my new life began. For Mimi's to not be there...that part wasn't supposed to happen. So that's my story on Mimi's and how now after 3 years I'm sad I can't go back there and visit. We have them here in LA but you know, it's not the same. The same girl also said that someone actually took home the door. So now a residence in Alabama has a mimi's cafe front door! haha!

ps one day I think I'll tell the story of my boss Krystle. woooo...but as always, that's for another day.

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