introducing henry

Description of Photo Description of Photo When Ardo was a little boo, a few more people in my life had babies the same age. I remember when their babies were starting having a lovie. (Lovie in case you don't know is just a stuff animal or blanket or even toy that a child becomes attached too) Ardo wasn't interested in any particular stuff animal or toy til he turned about a year. I'm not huge on Ardo having a million stuff animals. I used to have my bed covered when I was kid, some were pigs (since I'm a collector) but others were just animals I saw that were cute and I wanted them (ie. the white seal from sea world?) sometimes with too many they just take up space, and then it's cluttered and dirty and ugh, who wants that? Out of the blue one day he started sleeping with one little lamb. Lamb is a little pillow I ordered for Ardo shortly after he was born. It has a little circle in the center and it's really meant to prevent flat head. One day Ardo starting playing with it and then shortly it became his bestest buddy. He slept with him every night and lamb ignited his interest in the few other stuff animals he has. He has a bunny named "birdie" (after my great aunt who gave it to him) and Eli the elephant. Those 3 were his top favs. He has a bulldog from Ikea and a walrus but the walrus mind as well be gone because Ardo pays zero attention to him. A few weeks ago when Ardo was really sick, my mom gave him his giant dog pillow, which according to Ardo the dog bites, and basically thats it.
Earlier this month we made a trip to Ikea. Our normal routine is, get our stuff out of the way and then let Ardo play. This day he was in the stuff animal area and came across the Ikea dolls. The first one he picked up was the little boy and he said "oh baby," I let him play with him for a few minutes then asked him to put it back and move onto something else. He didn't want too, he really just wanted to hold that guy. Off the top of my head I called him Henry, and from then on "heeeenwy" was born. I picked Ardo up and took him over to Jerry and of course Jerry said "well who's this?" I said this is Henry and he might have to come home with us (Ardo was NOT letting him go). I have to admit, Jerry wasn't THRILLED about Henry. He kept asking Ardo if he didn't want the giant snake instead. As a child Jerry never played with dolls (he did wear his hair in curlers tho) so for about 10 minutes he was being sorta manly about it. I personally hate that as soon as you say the word "doll" it seems to be only meant for girls. Ridiculous! And after the 10 minutes I think he realized it was a stupid thing to care about and that Henry all of a sudden made Ardo so happy. And so Henry came home with us. Henry is Ardo's new best friend/partner in crime/bath buddy/car ride buddy. Henry completely knocked lamb and birdie and eli out of the water. It's all about Henry now.
Henry doesn't come without flaws tho, according to Ardo
1. Henry Bites
2. Henry needs to be potty trained because lately hes been going "peepeepoopoo" a lot
3. Henry always wants snacks and milk

This weekend henry made it to the park with us, and Ardo threw him down the slide and said, "wait henry" then he slid down and yelled "weee I coming" it was funny.
Just in case you haven't had enough Henry, this is a video my sister took at her house. I probably should have put subtitles for Ardo but he's saying Henry "fell down" you know, right after he pushes him!

 But he loves him, his little Henry

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