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I've been a very loyal fan of Dave Chappelle's for at least 10 years. From the first time I ever heard -killin' them softly-, I was hooked. I just enjoy that kind of humor. Ridiculous stories with a hilarious punch line, his delivery is the very best. I must have listened to killin them softly about 50 times. Always laughing at the same parts as if it was the first time. When Chappelle Show came out I didn't know what to expect but instantly loved it. It was like the stories he told on stage came to life. Then for -what it's worth- was released and that was when I realized his stand up is my real love. There is just nothing in the world like it. Last night for the first time ever, I saw Dave Chappelle in stand up in Long Beach. Saying it was one of the best stand up shows I've ever been to would probably be an understatement but it was aaaaaamazing! They had a little jazz type band playing on stage and we knew he was going to come out at any moment, but instead of announcing him and making a huge entrance, he just very casually walked on stage as the band was finishing up there last song. It was perfect. His set was hilarious! Because of all the stories that have been written about him and the things he's gone through, I didn't know what kind of show to expect. I wasn't sure what direction he had taken his act, the only direction he seems to have, is funny. Jerry surprised me with Dave Chappelle tickets for my birthday, so I anticipated this day for 3 weeks. You know what was the craziest thing? There were people there every race and EVERY AGE. Not kidding a car of, what can only be described as great grandmas, pulled up and the ladies got out of the car. I was sure they were there for something else? Nope, for Dave Chappelle. I mean....it was awesome. I only have one picture, and its of the stage about 5 minutes before he came out. The theater was very strict on the cell phone policy. I saw only two people take a picture during the whole show, but the ushers around our area wouldn't even let you take your cell phone out. As soon as a little light shined on your face, the were tell to ask you to put it away. I didn't mind that at all. Happy Friday Friends! Description of Photo

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