pumpkin patch

Description of Photo Description of Photo Before October is over I want to share a few pics we took at the pumpkin patch we went to earlier this month. This year we went to 3, so my goal to going to a billion was almost fulfilled. I didn't take pictures at all of the pumpkin patches. There was something really unique about the first one we visited, they had a little piggy in the petting zoo. We went the day after the pumpkin patch opened, everything was sooo clean. We were the only people there for at least 2 hours. Ardo had just had a little nap so he was in a great mood.

I also learned a very important lesson at the petting zoo. DO NOT TAKE IN FOOD! I don't mean regular people food, that I already knew, but the food to feed the animals. It was just way too much. The animals were so aggressive with each other and it scared Ardo a little and I was filthy because they kept rubbing up on me. The only animals allowed to do that is our dogs, and of course that sweet little piggy. Description of Photo My sisters and I trying to take a picture, but Ardo thought it was some sort of game! Description of Photo Description of Photo He had to tell me "beep beep" and get in on my witch! Description of Photo They had a few little rides....
Then I made him take a picture with his mama! Description of Photo


lazy sunday morning

Sometimes Sundays aren't meant for just being lazy. One of my favorite things to do is eat menudo on cold fall/winter mornings. Sometimes Jerry and I go out to various Mexican restaurants to grab a bowl. Ardo likes it too but only the hominy and juice. Saturday and Sundays Mexican restaurants are SURE to carry freshly made menudo. But on lazy Sundays there's only one place I want to go for menudo....my pantry! Sometimes you just gotta get some from Juanita, add some lemon, lime, cilantro, onions, however you like it and enjoy! We usually eat ours with tortillas. Sunday we had a little sour cream taco. Mmmmm (don't knock it til you try it, trust me) :) Description of Photo Description of Photo I kinda went a little crazy with the sour cream, any amount is good! Description of Photo p.s. this is not a sponsored post, I just love me some juanitas!


introducing henry

Description of Photo Description of Photo When Ardo was a little boo, a few more people in my life had babies the same age. I remember when their babies were starting having a lovie. (Lovie in case you don't know is just a stuff animal or blanket or even toy that a child becomes attached too) Ardo wasn't interested in any particular stuff animal or toy til he turned about a year. I'm not huge on Ardo having a million stuff animals. I used to have my bed covered when I was kid, some were pigs (since I'm a collector) but others were just animals I saw that were cute and I wanted them (ie. the white seal from sea world?) sometimes with too many they just take up space, and then it's cluttered and dirty and ugh, who wants that? Out of the blue one day he started sleeping with one little lamb. Lamb is a little pillow I ordered for Ardo shortly after he was born. It has a little circle in the center and it's really meant to prevent flat head. One day Ardo starting playing with it and then shortly it became his bestest buddy. He slept with him every night and lamb ignited his interest in the few other stuff animals he has. He has a bunny named "birdie" (after my great aunt who gave it to him) and Eli the elephant. Those 3 were his top favs. He has a bulldog from Ikea and a walrus but the walrus mind as well be gone because Ardo pays zero attention to him. A few weeks ago when Ardo was really sick, my mom gave him his giant dog pillow, which according to Ardo the dog bites, and basically thats it.
Earlier this month we made a trip to Ikea. Our normal routine is, get our stuff out of the way and then let Ardo play. This day he was in the stuff animal area and came across the Ikea dolls. The first one he picked up was the little boy and he said "oh baby," I let him play with him for a few minutes then asked him to put it back and move onto something else. He didn't want too, he really just wanted to hold that guy. Off the top of my head I called him Henry, and from then on "heeeenwy" was born. I picked Ardo up and took him over to Jerry and of course Jerry said "well who's this?" I said this is Henry and he might have to come home with us (Ardo was NOT letting him go). I have to admit, Jerry wasn't THRILLED about Henry. He kept asking Ardo if he didn't want the giant snake instead. As a child Jerry never played with dolls (he did wear his hair in curlers tho) so for about 10 minutes he was being sorta manly about it. I personally hate that as soon as you say the word "doll" it seems to be only meant for girls. Ridiculous! And after the 10 minutes I think he realized it was a stupid thing to care about and that Henry all of a sudden made Ardo so happy. And so Henry came home with us. Henry is Ardo's new best friend/partner in crime/bath buddy/car ride buddy. Henry completely knocked lamb and birdie and eli out of the water. It's all about Henry now.
Henry doesn't come without flaws tho, according to Ardo
1. Henry Bites
2. Henry needs to be potty trained because lately hes been going "peepeepoopoo" a lot
3. Henry always wants snacks and milk

This weekend henry made it to the park with us, and Ardo threw him down the slide and said, "wait henry" then he slid down and yelled "weee I coming" it was funny.
Just in case you haven't had enough Henry, this is a video my sister took at her house. I probably should have put subtitles for Ardo but he's saying Henry "fell down" you know, right after he pushes him!

 But he loves him, his little Henry


mimi's cafe

I've mentioned on this blog before that I lived in Alabama for 6 months of my life. Between November 2009 and May 2010 I uprooted my life here in Los Angeles, and moved to the coldest winter Alabama had ever experienced. I mean 16 degree weather on a daily basis. The move itself wasn't really hard on me, it was more like an exciting adventure. I didn't work for the first two months. I had been working since I was 17 non stop, so to take a two months off was much appreciated. In January I decided it was time to start looking for work. I initially wanted to work in an office, I had just come from working in an office for 5 years, I was used to it. I put in a few resumes but nothing was biting, so I decided to apply at a restaurant as well. In Alabama, there was a little shopping area just 20 minutes away from where we lived, I decided to try my luck there at a few restaurants. The first restaurant I saw was Mimi's Cafe. I stopped in put my application and the next day I was hired. There were two types of people that worked at mimi's some really amazing girls and some girls who decided they wanted to test the "new girl" from California. There was one testy girl who in my opinion I handled very well. I've always been able to stick up for myself, probably because I'm a middle child, so you know...survivor skills. When I was tested at Mimi's, I think the girl automatically assumed I'd just hide away and take the hazing process that happens sometimes. But she didn't know this girl from California, the first and only argument I got into was with a girl named Kiana. I had worked at Mimi's only a couple weeks when I noticed one girl kept acting weird. She would be really loud in front of me, she wouldn't answer me if I asked a question. I was a hostess and if I made a mistake -I mean I was new- it was blown out of proportion. I let a couple go because I was new, but by the following week I thought, if I don't stand up for myself and say something, she's just gonna keep doing it. So, I did. I remember she yelled at me about seating her twice, just yelled and then walked away, and I had it, so right there in front of the muffins I had it out with her. I told her I had enough of her S and lots of other things that I had had enough of. When the little yell match was over I felt better. I knew standing up for myself was the best thing for me. I remember the next shift I worked everyone was talking about how Kiana and I had gotten into an argument, and no one could believe that the little "quiet" girl from California had stood up to her. But you know what, that was that, and I never had to deal with hazing again!
Mimi's had great points too, I met two wonderful amazing friends, that I still call friends til this day. Tiffany and Austina. Oh man these girls were hilarious! When we worked together I would be rolling on the floor laughing, literally at the stuff that came out of there mouths. We clicked right away. They were the first friends I made in Alabama that wasn't a friend of Jerry's. My first friends. Tiffany and I were closer in age and she really took me under her wing. Introducing me to her friends and taking me out. Austina and I had our fun at Mimi's or as we like to refer to it...the cafe.
You're probably wondering why I'm telling you this long looong story. A few weeks ago a girl whom I'm still friends with on facebook that recently worked at mimi's announced mimi's was closing. Out of nowhere it was the strangest thing, I got really sad. I hated and loved working there at the same time. I guess because I have this fantasy of going back to Alabama one day (just to visit) and go back to the cafe. For me, that's where part of my new life began. For Mimi's to not be there...that part wasn't supposed to happen. So that's my story on Mimi's and how now after 3 years I'm sad I can't go back there and visit. We have them here in LA but you know, it's not the same. The same girl also said that someone actually took home the door. So now a residence in Alabama has a mimi's cafe front door! haha!

ps one day I think I'll tell the story of my boss Krystle. woooo...but as always, that's for another day.


goliaths little birthday

Description of Photo Last year we had an actual little birthday party for Goliath. This year we didn't do a birthday but we still celebrated. Every year we buy Goliath a new collar, it's his traditional birthday gift and we either make or buy him a little treat. This year we went Halloween themed, we sang to him, which was Ardo's favorite part, then we chased him around our tiny apartment and tried getting a picture with him. I guess after his frakenstein cake he was a fireball and didn't want to sit still. I guess Ardo chasing him with his new collar didn't help either. It was a funny half hour. And now a letter from me to G.
Dear Goliath,
Another year has past and we are so grateful for you. You are now considered "middle aged" and I'm not sure how I feel about that. Your gas has not seemed to subside, but I guess with age, that is to be expected. You can still be a little ball of fire and play as if you are one again. Your older brother and you get along so incredibly well now. Your little brother always insists you smell his feet and you do so with such enjoyment. If only we all had a feet smeller in our lives, the world would be a better place. We love you buddy forever and ever and ever!
Description of Photo Ardo trying to figure out Goliaths new collar, I think to a two year old they're pretty tricky. Description of Photo Sometimes you gotta go in for the kiss! (I do the same thing to Ardo) Description of Photo


happy birthday goliath!

Today our sweet pup turns 4. I promise he doesn't act a day over 5 months and sometimes thats not the best thing with a 65lb beast. Oh our Goliath, we love him. This year it was really really hard to get a picture of him and Ardo together, not running after each other (those pictures tomorrow). But for now I'd like to share a really old video of Goliath. Our breeder sent this to us when he was about 3 weeks old.  The quality isn't the greatest but you can see our little guy so tiny just learning to get around.

This is the second picture of Goliath and I ever taken. I know I've probably said this a billion times before but Goliath was honestly the smallest little pup. I could literally just pick him up with one hand. He slept in the laundry basket with a blanket for the first couple weeks after we brought him home. How that little tiny pup turned into what he is today, is ridiculous. We have a very small celebration yesterday for Goliath, complete with a tiny cake. Ardo was singing his version of happy birthday and I stole a few kisses. Description of Photo We love you sweet G.


dave chappelle

I've been a very loyal fan of Dave Chappelle's for at least 10 years. From the first time I ever heard -killin' them softly-, I was hooked. I just enjoy that kind of humor. Ridiculous stories with a hilarious punch line, his delivery is the very best. I must have listened to killin them softly about 50 times. Always laughing at the same parts as if it was the first time. When Chappelle Show came out I didn't know what to expect but instantly loved it. It was like the stories he told on stage came to life. Then for -what it's worth- was released and that was when I realized his stand up is my real love. There is just nothing in the world like it. Last night for the first time ever, I saw Dave Chappelle in stand up in Long Beach. Saying it was one of the best stand up shows I've ever been to would probably be an understatement but it was aaaaaamazing! They had a little jazz type band playing on stage and we knew he was going to come out at any moment, but instead of announcing him and making a huge entrance, he just very casually walked on stage as the band was finishing up there last song. It was perfect. His set was hilarious! Because of all the stories that have been written about him and the things he's gone through, I didn't know what kind of show to expect. I wasn't sure what direction he had taken his act, the only direction he seems to have, is funny. Jerry surprised me with Dave Chappelle tickets for my birthday, so I anticipated this day for 3 weeks. You know what was the craziest thing? There were people there every race and EVERY AGE. Not kidding a car of, what can only be described as great grandmas, pulled up and the ladies got out of the car. I was sure they were there for something else? Nope, for Dave Chappelle. I mean....it was awesome. I only have one picture, and its of the stage about 5 minutes before he came out. The theater was very strict on the cell phone policy. I saw only two people take a picture during the whole show, but the ushers around our area wouldn't even let you take your cell phone out. As soon as a little light shined on your face, the were tell to ask you to put it away. I didn't mind that at all. Happy Friday Friends! Description of Photo


not following through

This weekend, oh man this weekend was a weekend for Ikea. When Jerry I first moved into our apartment it felt as if we spent EVERY weekend at Ikea. It's probably because we did! Now we go every so often but something happened in my apartment. I started decorating, and then I stopped. I will say partly had to do with money, because decorating no matter how small costs money, but still, I hate that, not following through. I feel like I start so many things and then just stop them. Remember when I said I started insanity? I was sick for two weeks, first with a bad a cold and then with a bad stomach thing and insanity...stopped. I had started juicing before then of course I stopped. Even this blog, I struggle all the time to keep it consistent. I've realized blogging on the weekends is unrealistic. My weekend days are so long, much longer than work days, and on work days I feel motivated to work sometimes all day. Weekends are for family and relaxing oh and Ikea - haha! I told Jerry about how I hate that I feel as tho I never follow through. I notice the trend seems to be with plans I make for myself. When it comes to my commitment to others, I always show up, I can say with confidence I can be depended on, so I just need to do that for myself. My main goal is to eat better, exercise, in hopes to feel better in general. Too many days I spend eating unhealthy and then complaining about my baby gut. Oh the complaints. I think because Jerry is NOT a complainer, he doesn't understand why I lay down, eat a bag of cornuts then complain about my bod. And well, he's right. So I've decided to start my insanity over starting tonight. So I can start somewhere. I've been juicing the past 6 days, exchanging on meal for a juice, usually that meal is breakfast, cause when you start to see the starbucks drive thru every morning, it's called having a problem. I know me, so I'm not exchanging the same meal. I won't stick to that and I tried one of those juice cleanses, no thank you! I need actual food. Fruit, leaves, anything to chew on. I have plans once again, in the decorating department, we decided to focus on Ardo's room first, and then decorate room by room. Small goals! Happy Wednesday and today is such a gorgeous crisp day....fall is that you knocking at our door?



Description of Photo Yesterday was a great day! My mom sisters and I visited our first of (hopefully hundreds) pumpkins patches, okay maybe hundreds is an exaggeration, but I honestly want to go to a bunch this year. Ardo can really enjoy them this year, and he did. I was super stoked too, because this pumpkin patch had a little pot belly piggy in their petting zoo. I was dying! I haven't been to a petting zoo this clean with such sweet animals. Okay more on the petting zoo later.
The day was also great because I had dinner with two of my oldest friends. We made plans during the week, and we did that thing that friends always do where no one can decide where? Everyone knows they want to do something but no one wants to decide. Christina suggested a seafood restaurant...umm okay it was cutest little restaurant I've been to in a really long time. Really small maybe about 10-12 tables and the food was so fresh! We started with the shrimp cocktail, actually we couldn't decide between the ceviche and the shrimp cocktail. Our server was nice enough to offer us a taste of the ceviche, the ceviche was so fresh and had just a little kick to it. Considering we had just had a good size sample of the ceviche, we went with the shrimp cocktail. It was a win-win situation for us. Description of Photo Christina arrived just in time for one last shrimp! I ordered the clam chowder because ............ I love clam chowder, by the way, it was amazing! Description of Photo I was taking pictures and Izzy smiled, I love when people do that! Description of Photo The restaurant closed at 8pm. Right in the middle of a great conversation the lights were turning off. I needed to go to target, then both Izzy and Christina realized they needed to go too. So we kept the party going with a trip to target. We acted like teens for just a brief moment, even if I had diapers in my cart! Description of Photo The restaurant is called San Marino Seafood, try it....truuuust me! oh and Happy Friday!



The first day of October. As you probably know I live in Southern California so our seasons are a little disorganized. Let's just say Ardo went to preschool today in shorts so there's that. He wore a sweater tho, but I'm sure by lunch time it was in his cubby hole. I love that my birthday is so late in September, because October is just a wonderful month. The air is crisp and the decorations start roaring out. You know you have those few houses in your neighborhood and you can always count on them for Halloween, cause awesome people live there and they go all out? I passed by a house today and there was a scary, man-like character standing outside with a table in front of him and there were three heads on the table with blood dripping down. It's only the second day in October! We don't go all out in our little apartment but this year we are at least putting a pumpkin outside. Oh and bring out our pom pom garland from last year. October is also Goliath's birthday, oh our sweet G, he's turning 4 this year. 4 is hitting Jerry really hard. He just doesn't want his pup to grow up. Jerry spoils those dogs. Spoils them as in, we're watching TV and the dogs are laying on the floor, I get up to use the restroom or get a snack (probably a snack) and one or both of them are in my spot! I come back and Jerry says, "What,I asked them to move?" See spoiled!
October is going to be great because I plan on going to as many pumpkin patch farms as possible! And a couple friends of mine (Laura and Melissa) are planning on throwing a little Halloween party. Lots of pumpkins and treats and of course trick or treating.
Oh aaaand something major, I have already purchased our Halloween costumes for this year. Jerry wasn't sure he wanted us to spend money on Halloween this year. He thought maybe we should just have Ardo dress up and do a family theme. But, I had to disagree, this could very well be our last year as a family of 3. We have to go out with a bang! He agreed and costumes have been purchased. Not gonna lie, pretty proud of myself! Ardos excited, as you can see here. Description of Photo Description of Photo I wonder if it would matter, if I called seat backs?

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