Description of Photo Description of Photo This weekend was amazing. Both Saturday and Sunday we cooked breakfast, which may not sound like a big deal but sometimes we skip it and eat something small or have granola. So it was a treat. Jerry loves himself some chorizo. I like it, but for me its take it or leave it. We were at the market the other day and I saw soyrizo, I really had been wanting to try it, since it's the healthier version of the two. Problem is, I was almost positive Jerry was going to be uninterested in trying soyrizo. You know how some people can be, anything soy and they think they won't like it. Jerry is one of those people....but luckily for me I saw the soyrizo, my face lite up, and he said okay and he tried it. We made it exactly the same we make chorizo, and its so super easy because the hard part is done, it just needs to be cooked. The ingredients and spices are all mixed up together. We always make ours with an egg and add some cheese. I hate eggs, but Jerry likes them with chorizo/soyrizo, it's a give/take in our relationship. We added some cheese, we both love cheese, and then a tortilla aaaaand DONE! Ardo likes chorizo/soyrizo too, he loves tacos and burritos, I think because he can eat them with him hands. Ardo was being a silly goose while Daddy was cooking and Mommy was documenting. He kept asking me to take pictures of him. Okay well he didn't say "Mother, please take my portrait." But calling my name and yelling "cheeeese" is basically the same thing in my book. Description of Photo Description of Photo because sometimes paper towels can be used as a chair. (it was also laundry day, oh and ignore our still need to put away wedding gifts) Description of Photo Description of Photo p.s. Final Verdict:: Jerry liked it, but said he could taste the difference, I couldn't, soooo next time perhaps I won't inform him on the switch. :)


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