sick...we've all been sick

As I've mentioned before preschool has thrown us for a loop in one department...freakin germs. Since Ardo started his first preschool in February, the boy has been sick at least once a month. He sees the doctor at least once every two months if not more. Our pediatrician assures us that it is completely normal for a preschooler to be sick this often when they first start school. Can I just say tho for the record, I HATE IT!!! 3 weeks a month is all I get of my healthy boo. This time however, this time I got it too. Friday and Saturday my voice randomly starting going horse. Sunday it was a little worse and by Monday I had a cough. I worked and Ardo went to school, but by Monday I knew I was sick. Tuesday, I could barely get out of bed but for some reason I just didn't want to call out of work. I kept thinking, if I have to get up and take Ardo to school, I mind as well get myself up and go to work. As I sat there in front of my computer at work, hacking up a lung, it was a bad idea. My coworker thought the same thing and promptly sent me home. I went home and just rested, I didn't try and clean cause I was home, I really didn't do anything, just rested. Then Tuesday night, in a effort to steal my thunder Ardo threw up. I fell asleep really early, but around 11:00p.m. I heard Ardo cough, Jerry got up to check on him and he had thrown up. Wednesday Jerry stayed home with Ardo and yesterday Ardo and I had a sleep fest in my bed. I'm hardly sick with Ardo at the same time, but I'm so grateful he let me rest. When he woke up from one of his many naps, he just wanted to read books and play with his animals. Usually when he's sick after a nap he's ready to get crazy again. Jerry needless to say has been our nurse. I can say I only got out of bed yesterday to go to the bathroom...Jerry came home early from work again to care for us, and I let him. I remember when Jerry was in North Dakota, and Ardo was sick, I just wished he was home with us, so since he was home, I took advantage.

We didn't feel like lunch and usually I push the issue with Ardo but I didn't yesterday, I opened the freezer and he wanted his ice cream. He loves this stuff more than regular dairy ice cream, can't blame him either, stuffs good! Description of Photo My mom came by and surprised Ardo with this big pillow dog. He loved it, like almost every kid, he really loves animals. And like he does with Goliath, he kept telling the dog that he was "nice". Ardo's so funny, he pets Goliath usually soft and we tell Ardo to be "nice". We've done this since he was a baby and used to grab Goliath's lips. So now Ardo tells Goliath "nice", it's really cute, and Goliath seems to like it. So did this stuff doggie. Description of Photo Then Ardo figured he should share his ice cream. Description of Photo Then back to snooozing. Description of Photo It's been a looong week.
I'm so happy it's Friday!


  1. I caught a really nasty bug a couple weeks ago too. Being sick is horrible, watching your baby be sick must break your heart. I hope you two are feeling better! You should try the chocolate and peanut butter coconut milk ice cream (same brand as the one you had) it is AMAZING! Have a great weekend =)


  2. I want this ice cream now!!! Get well soon...

    ps. I'm glad I found your blog!


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