just when you thought you snuck by the heat...bam there it is

This summer has been in my opinion wonderful. I know you're probably tired of me saying how much I hate the heat. But....I do. When summer approaches usually late May/early June, I give out a uuuugh. Last year I enjoyed the summer a little bit more for two reasons.
1. Having the sun light for a longer period of time was great for night walks or just playing outside after work.
2. Ardo really enjoyed swimming.

This year I assumed it would be the same thing except. June came and it was oookay but definitely not HOT. Then July, on July 4th we went to the beach so it made sense it wasn't as hot, but we went the whole month and barely needed a fan. WHAT???? What the heck was going on. We got married in August and the entire time I was planning our wedding was banking on how hot it was going to be. I kept thinking I was going to be miserable and the guests were going to be miserable, and then our wedding came and it was windy! Everyone was super comfortable at the wedding and the night of the wedding I wore my sweater, GREAT!! And then, just as I thought I beat the heat...last week happened. 90 degrees just about everyday along with humidity...the heat brought a friend. I keep seeing and reading about the summer coming to end. Ugh I wish. I will say this Labor Day weekend I did have a great time swimming. Jerry's family has a very well maintained above ground pool and everyone swims in it. Some very intense games of volleyball take place in that pool. They start friendly, but you know, everyone wants to win. The losers had to take a jager bomb, but I dont really like drinking at all if Ardo is awake, I'll have a some wine a couple beers on a Friday after bedtime but during the day I never do. But it was Labor Day so I had a beer shot, just a little beer and lime in the middle, it was actually really really good!
Ardo is swimming again today with his tia, that lucky boy. Description of Photo


  1. I absolutely agree with you on the heat. I have lived in Florida almost my entire life, and I cannot for the life of me get used to the heat and humidity of the Florida summer. I dread summers. I don't think I will ever get used to how hot it is, never. At least you only had to deal with one weekend. It has been hot and humid since May =(

  2. YES!! Thank you Renata, you totally understand. We're just not summer gals.

  3. Our Summer temperatures have been "meh." Only one week of strong heat waves, and the rest of the season it was mild. On Monday we had a down pour which was weird! But I guess its better than excruciatingly hot temperatures where I will be nagging all day long with my cranky self. LOL.

    But Fall is around the corner! Eeek!

    1. I envy you ana! the weather is so much pretty going north!


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