the right time

I think....I think I've turned into one of those people. You know those people who are waiting for the perfect time to have a child or in my case another child? I think that's me. After I had Ardo I originally thought to wait a couple of years (like my mom did) then revisit the baby world. Between then, Jerry was state-side deployed, and I had a wedding to plan. Great reasons to hold off on having a new boo.

1. I very well couldn't have a baby without Jerry being home.
2. Once we decided on all of the details for our wedding, I wanted to wait.

But now, now, I don't know what I'm waiting for. Ardo is getting to be such a big boy, okay well he's only 2 1/2 but you know when your toddler knows things, they seem so much older. I have some fears, I mean labor alone is fear enough in itself. I've never told my birth story here and I'm not sure I ever would. My birth story was no fairy tale. I've read so many mommy blogs that have amazing incredible birth stories, and mine was a little different. I had a natural childbirth (natural I mean no pain meds)on pitocin, so I gladly call myself super woman sometimes. But I don't know if it's something that obvious. Maybe I'm just chicken. Maybe the biggest thing that is throwing me for a loop is Jerry. Jerry is 100% completely ready for baby #2. I feel like normally the roles are reversed, at least for us, but not this time. Ardo is going to be a great big brother, he just loves babies. Of course he'll probably torture his sibling since I just gave him credit. I have a feeling I'm just over thinking this and letting my mind run wild, but sometimes you have to let it out to feel better. Also looking at sweet baby pictures of Ardo is also making me feel better! :)
Description of Photo
Ardo 4 months


a flashback on friday

Wednesday was my birthday. 29. I'm definitely not sad about being 29. We all have to get older. Mind as well not to do it kicking and screaming. Plus for me, I'm married and I have an amazing sweet loving husband, the cutest little boy, 2 great dogs...I'm happy. Life is pretty good. I'm having a little dinner on Saturday along with some drinks, nothing big.
I wanted to share a picture from the first year of life in an old school walker. Don't I look exactly the same? Description of Photo


don't tell me!

Dexter series finale was upon us yesterday and you know who didn't watch it??? ME!!! Truth be told I'm ashamed to say, I haven't watched Dexter in two months. Yup two whole months. Back in July is when our sleep troubles with Ardo were at an all time high, I missed one episode of Dexter. Then the next Sunday it was the same thing and before I knew it, I had missed a whole month. I just haven't been able to find the right time to sit down and watch. I guess apart of me is in no hurry considering this is the final season. Thankfully no one posted anything spoil worthy on facebook yesterday, except that the ending was sad, which was to be expected. I don't want it to be over yet! It's funny cause in a way, it isn't over for me!
My birthday is in a few days so it was no surprise to me I've gotten sick. It just seems to be a new tradition for me that every year around my birthday, I get sick. I sure hope this traditions skips me next year, It's not one I want to keep up!
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sick...we've all been sick

As I've mentioned before preschool has thrown us for a loop in one department...freakin germs. Since Ardo started his first preschool in February, the boy has been sick at least once a month. He sees the doctor at least once every two months if not more. Our pediatrician assures us that it is completely normal for a preschooler to be sick this often when they first start school. Can I just say tho for the record, I HATE IT!!! 3 weeks a month is all I get of my healthy boo. This time however, this time I got it too. Friday and Saturday my voice randomly starting going horse. Sunday it was a little worse and by Monday I had a cough. I worked and Ardo went to school, but by Monday I knew I was sick. Tuesday, I could barely get out of bed but for some reason I just didn't want to call out of work. I kept thinking, if I have to get up and take Ardo to school, I mind as well get myself up and go to work. As I sat there in front of my computer at work, hacking up a lung, it was a bad idea. My coworker thought the same thing and promptly sent me home. I went home and just rested, I didn't try and clean cause I was home, I really didn't do anything, just rested. Then Tuesday night, in a effort to steal my thunder Ardo threw up. I fell asleep really early, but around 11:00p.m. I heard Ardo cough, Jerry got up to check on him and he had thrown up. Wednesday Jerry stayed home with Ardo and yesterday Ardo and I had a sleep fest in my bed. I'm hardly sick with Ardo at the same time, but I'm so grateful he let me rest. When he woke up from one of his many naps, he just wanted to read books and play with his animals. Usually when he's sick after a nap he's ready to get crazy again. Jerry needless to say has been our nurse. I can say I only got out of bed yesterday to go to the bathroom...Jerry came home early from work again to care for us, and I let him. I remember when Jerry was in North Dakota, and Ardo was sick, I just wished he was home with us, so since he was home, I took advantage.

We didn't feel like lunch and usually I push the issue with Ardo but I didn't yesterday, I opened the freezer and he wanted his ice cream. He loves this stuff more than regular dairy ice cream, can't blame him either, stuffs good! Description of Photo My mom came by and surprised Ardo with this big pillow dog. He loved it, like almost every kid, he really loves animals. And like he does with Goliath, he kept telling the dog that he was "nice". Ardo's so funny, he pets Goliath usually soft and we tell Ardo to be "nice". We've done this since he was a baby and used to grab Goliath's lips. So now Ardo tells Goliath "nice", it's really cute, and Goliath seems to like it. So did this stuff doggie. Description of Photo Then Ardo figured he should share his ice cream. Description of Photo Then back to snooozing. Description of Photo It's been a looong week.
I'm so happy it's Friday!


saved by the bell :: marcys birthday edition

On Friday my little sister turned 25. 25 as we all know is a big year, so I asked her what she wanted to do. She said I want to have a "Saved by the Bell" birthday party. Marcy and I (as I've mentioned before) are big T.V. watchers. Since we were little we've been watching Saved by the Bell. Marcy was only two when Saved by the bell premiered but I was 6 so Saved by the Bell it was. Since Saved by the Bell went off the air, we've watched reruns ever since. It's on every single day. I always think it's funny when people say "Oh I used to watch that show", weird cause I still do. So needless to say, we've stayed fans. Marcy first had the idea of a Saved by the Bell theme birthday after seeing this picture. She sent it to me and said this is what I want for my birthday. So of course I was up to the challenge. We knew we weren't going to be able to recreate exactly but I could do the best I could. Marcy was so sweet and said we didn't have to get everything in the picture, just whatever we could find. One thing about my sister is she likes to save as much money as possible, and I love that about her, but I thought if we were going to do this, we mind as well try and go all out (as much as we could). We found the desk on craigslist and it was the funniest thing because the guy who sold it to us, was a prop man for movies. His garage was full of goodies. He asked if we were going to use desk for school or for our kids, and I said "no, it's for a prop". The guy also said he knew Mr. Belding....haha.
saved by the bell party Ha! I made my sister pose infront of the dessert table, and being a good little sister, she did. saved by the bell party saved by the bell party saved by the bell party saved by the bell party saved by the bell party We couldn't find an old t.v. to fit our budget like they had in the original picture. So we opted for a milk box wrapped and a picture of a t.v. glued to the outside....whatever works :) saved by the bell party saved by the bell party saved by the bell party saved by the bell party We added a "the max" element to our party. Marcy traced the words and cut out the squiggles. I loved the way it came out. saved by the bell party It's like we were really there. saved by the bell party I wanted to have a little photo area, I thought, if we could find a locker that would be the perfect backdrop. Onto Craigslist I went in search of a locker. Wouldn't you know, there was a few I could choose from. I went with this blue one. We put up pictures and scoured up some old books. In the back are Marcy's pom poms from cheer. She was the only cheerleader in the family. :) saved by the bell party Sisters saved by the bell party Ardo in his Kelly Kapowski shirt. saved by the bell party Kisses for the birthday girl! saved by the bell party I posted this picture on instagram but I had to share it again. We all took pictures together but I didn't look at the pictures til after everyone left. I came across this one and died laughing. Jerry didn't say anything cause he wanted to surprise us. I'm so happy I married that guy, he's so damn hilarious! saved by the bell party I love my sister so much and I'm really happy she was enjoyed her party. There are a lot of birthdays in September. Which is why we have two back to back birthday posts, and there might be one more (mine), but I'm turning 29 so mine probably won't be as fun!


a year old

As I've mention before our wedding was a Mexican Fiesta theme. My friend Laura and I put lots and lots of time and detail into the decorations. The decorations were my heart. I've been wanting to share with you my lovely wedding but we didn't get as many pictures of the decorations so I'm not able to as I'd originally planned. Which brings me to this next subject. Laura's daughter Dylan was born in September. Since my wedding was in August, I kinda stole Laura's time away from Dylan's party planning. I offered to Laura if she wanted, to have Dylan a Mexican Fiesta theme first birthday party. I offered her all my decorations, and of course I knew she'd add her own personal touches. She accepted and had an amazing party. I can't say enough good things about my good friend Laura, and it touched my heart to walk into her party and see all our decorations again. I kept thinking how many people get to somewhat relive they're wedding receptions again. So without further ado, I'd like to share sweet Dylan's party. mexican fiesta birthday mexican fiesta birthday mexican fiesta birthday mexican fiesta birthday mexican fiesta birthday mexican fiesta birthday mexican fiesta birthday mexican fiesta birthday mexican fiesta birthday mexican fiesta birthday mexican fiesta birthday I love making new friends, and this sweet baby is Sloane, is my new friend Erica's little sweetie. Her dress, yes I'm dying too. mexican fiesta birthday
The birthday girl and her mama!
mexican fiesta birthday mexican fiesta birthday Little Dylan didn't want her cake...maybe she was on a diet? Not sure...haha :) mexican fiesta birthday A little family photo minus Brooke, she was busy jumping, which for being 2 I can't blame her. mexican fiesta birthday



Description of Photo Okay, it's another food post, but it's homemade. Along with the kitchen aid, I've really wanted a waffle maker. I think because I have so many memories of my dad making us waffles as a kid, I want to make some of those memories for Ardo. On Saturday, my good friend Laura's daughter had a 1st bday (which I can't wait to share with you guys) and my friend Jenn gave me a wedding gift. Jenn wasn't able to make our wedding and we sure missed her. She wanted me to open the gift right in front of her, which, I don't know about you guys but sometimes I don't like doing that, I just feel so much pressure!! But, I opened the gift and O.M.G. it was a waffle maker.
Normally I don't use a gift immediately after I receive it, but first thing Sunday morning I woke up and made my family some waffles. The waffle maker provided directions for homemade batter. I whipped it up pretty quickly and followed the directions exactly. The directions said not to pour too much batter in the maker and sooooo well I tried. I poured what I thought was a small amount, closed the waffle maker and then this happened....... Description of Photo I just about died laughing. I thought I was going to be so cool and make a blog post about my new waffle maker and then produce some bomb waffle pictures. But instead something more "me" happened. And everytime I put more batter in and closed and if it oozed, I laughed and laughed. The laughing stopped when I had to clean it all up, but still. I tried putting less but the waffles came out too small. At the end of the batter I added a few chocolate chips, cause ... why not!
I told my mom the whole story and she said "oh yeah, takes awhile to perfect the batter."
NOW SHE TELLS ME! Description of Photo Description of Photo Jerry and Ardo enjoyed breakfast, as long as my boys are happy and fed and I laughed, I'm a happy mama.



Description of Photo Description of Photo This weekend was amazing. Both Saturday and Sunday we cooked breakfast, which may not sound like a big deal but sometimes we skip it and eat something small or have granola. So it was a treat. Jerry loves himself some chorizo. I like it, but for me its take it or leave it. We were at the market the other day and I saw soyrizo, I really had been wanting to try it, since it's the healthier version of the two. Problem is, I was almost positive Jerry was going to be uninterested in trying soyrizo. You know how some people can be, anything soy and they think they won't like it. Jerry is one of those people....but luckily for me I saw the soyrizo, my face lite up, and he said okay and he tried it. We made it exactly the same we make chorizo, and its so super easy because the hard part is done, it just needs to be cooked. The ingredients and spices are all mixed up together. We always make ours with an egg and add some cheese. I hate eggs, but Jerry likes them with chorizo/soyrizo, it's a give/take in our relationship. We added some cheese, we both love cheese, and then a tortilla aaaaand DONE! Ardo likes chorizo/soyrizo too, he loves tacos and burritos, I think because he can eat them with him hands. Ardo was being a silly goose while Daddy was cooking and Mommy was documenting. He kept asking me to take pictures of him. Okay well he didn't say "Mother, please take my portrait." But calling my name and yelling "cheeeese" is basically the same thing in my book. Description of Photo Description of Photo because sometimes paper towels can be used as a chair. (it was also laundry day, oh and ignore our still need to put away wedding gifts) Description of Photo Description of Photo p.s. Final Verdict:: Jerry liked it, but said he could taste the difference, I couldn't, soooo next time perhaps I won't inform him on the switch. :)



I'm not sure what the heck is going on with the road kill in my neighborhood, but either the drivers are more reckless or the animals are more "daring". Either way its so sad. I've never hit an animal in my life, if I did, I'd probably give it cpr and nurse it back to health. However apparently not everyone is like that because I've seen a lot of road kill lately and most of them have been skunks! How there are this many skunks in my neighborhood, I have no idea. Maybe because of the heat they are looking for water, or maybe because they like to go searching at night for food, whatever the case people aren't seeing them, and they are falling victim. The other day I was driving along minding my own business when I passed what looked like a shirt in the road. I didn't run it over but I did pass it pretty close. The next second my car filled with the skunk smell and you know what....it didn't leave!! I lowered my windows trying to air it out and it was as if it had embedded itself in my seats. It was the worse! Then that night, I went to sleep and I had this crazy dream that I got sprayed by a skunk, and in my dream, I could smell it!! Isn't that insane? Poor little guys. Do the right thing people, watch out for furry guys on the road and if you do something as tragic as take an animals life for god sake, call animal control!

Now for something not as tragic or smelly since we're on the subject of animals enjoy my 2nd favorite Geico commercial ::


just when you thought you snuck by the heat...bam there it is

This summer has been in my opinion wonderful. I know you're probably tired of me saying how much I hate the heat. But....I do. When summer approaches usually late May/early June, I give out a uuuugh. Last year I enjoyed the summer a little bit more for two reasons.
1. Having the sun light for a longer period of time was great for night walks or just playing outside after work.
2. Ardo really enjoyed swimming.

This year I assumed it would be the same thing except. June came and it was oookay but definitely not HOT. Then July, on July 4th we went to the beach so it made sense it wasn't as hot, but we went the whole month and barely needed a fan. WHAT???? What the heck was going on. We got married in August and the entire time I was planning our wedding was banking on how hot it was going to be. I kept thinking I was going to be miserable and the guests were going to be miserable, and then our wedding came and it was windy! Everyone was super comfortable at the wedding and the night of the wedding I wore my sweater, GREAT!! And then, just as I thought I beat the heat...last week happened. 90 degrees just about everyday along with humidity...the heat brought a friend. I keep seeing and reading about the summer coming to end. Ugh I wish. I will say this Labor Day weekend I did have a great time swimming. Jerry's family has a very well maintained above ground pool and everyone swims in it. Some very intense games of volleyball take place in that pool. They start friendly, but you know, everyone wants to win. The losers had to take a jager bomb, but I dont really like drinking at all if Ardo is awake, I'll have a some wine a couple beers on a Friday after bedtime but during the day I never do. But it was Labor Day so I had a beer shot, just a little beer and lime in the middle, it was actually really really good!
Ardo is swimming again today with his tia, that lucky boy. Description of Photo

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