It happened in the past but it still happened so it's worth talking about. In June before Jerry came home my sisters, mom, Ardo and I took a little trip to Knotts Berry Farm. It was Ardo's first time and he loved it. I realized that Ardo is fine on rides and actually enjoys them, but he doesn't want to go by himself. I went to Knotts with no intentions of getting on roller coasters. Truth be told, the older I get the less I want to get on a roller coasters. I'm just scurred now. When we arrived Montezumas Revenge was closed, that used to be my faaavorite ride of all time, but when I saw it closed I thought "oh well, now I can't get on even if I wanted too". It's a strange feeling being somewhere you used to love to go simply for the thrills to now having no desire to even attempt a roller coaster. I went on Lucy's Boat ride and I swear by the end I was feeling nauseous, IT JUST SPINS TOO MUCH!! Even still, we had a great time. One other thing, we went on the train ride where the two robbers hold the train up. I swear I was terrified of those robbers when I was kid, I feel like a part of me wasn't positive if they were real or not. I wasn't scared this time around, in fact I enjoyed sitting on the train and having a little break. Okay now THAT was an oldie statement. And now for the pictures....
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Lucys Tugboat, trust me Description of Photo
Of course eli had to come with us
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I have to say I'm proud of myself and the sorta selfies I took, YES I'M IN MY BLOG! :)


  1. How fun! I've never been to Knotts. Maybe one day :)

    Congrats on your newly wed status <3

  2. Thank you so much!! I have some wedding posts coming up very soon! Just trying to catch up.
    Come to knotts, we can go together!

  3. I almost barfed on that Lucy boat ride! Its horrible!!!!


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