dont call it a comeback

I've really got to stop doing this, but things happen! Jerry has finally after 6 loooong months has come home. June 29th to be exact. It's only August 13th so I'm only a little bit behind right? (yeah, right) Things have been pretty crazy at home. Ardo oh sweet Ardo has decided to become, well a whole other child. I would say never underestimate a 2 year old. I didn't really think he was affected too much by Jerry's absence. After a couple months he stopped asking for daddy. When we skyped or we talked to him he was always excited but when we weren't, it was out of sight out of mind. To be honest that made it easier for me. Jerry came home on a Saturday. It was a glorious evening. We picked him up from the airport and that was that. The first night everything went really well. The only concern that ever crossed my mind was Jerry. I thought maybe he would have to find his groove with us again as a family. Jerry has never been away from Ardo and I for more than a few days. Jerry proved me completely wrong tho. He came back and it was as if he never left. We picked up exactly where we left off. Theeeen it was Sunday night and holy crap did Ardo have something in store for us that blindsided us as parents. He decided he wasn't going to go bed and since then......it's been a struggle. I'm so happy that Jerry is home and we are a family again, but nothing is ever easy.
A few keys points to kick of my revival of blogging::
1. Ardo moved to a big boy bed
2. Ardo started a new preschool
3. and um, oh yeah I got married!
Be back, soon, probably tomorrow :)

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