a couple of things & a couple more

1. Tuesday I was projectile vomited on first thing in the morning. Is there anything better than being thrown up on in the morning. Tuesday started like any other day, Ardo woke me up at 6:45, I made him some breakfast, put on yo gabba gabba, and jumped in the shower. When I got out Ardo starting crying, just standing there in front of me sobbing. After a few questions I just held him and realized he had a fever. Then in my arms he fell asleep for a few minutes, this little guy was sick. The night before he was perfectly fine. After I made all the calls, his preschool to let them know he won't be coming in, my work to let them know I won't be coming in and my mom to let her know (she picks up Ardo from preschool) I just sat there on the couch with my little boo. Then he suddenly woke up and projectile vomited on me. For the next few hours, we sat and he slept, and I watched Roseanne. Around 4 he was back to his old self and I was left scratching my head....what the heck just happened?

2. I am sponsoring a few of great blogs next month. Well technically I am already sponsoring two and the other will go up in September. I know this isn't the norm but I thought I'd mention it. First there's Ride the Spiral I'm hoping Ana will come down to Southern California one day so we can hang out in real life.
Then there's Behind the Camera and Dreaming her photography is amazing!
And lastly The Life of Bon her blog has EVERYTHING and anything. I absolutely love her blog and really aspire to have her posting schedule. To be so disciplined. Also her recent post about the horrendous Miley Cyrus performance at the VMA's...so full of truth and so sad, you can read it here.

3. Sunday I started 60 days of insanity....I'm on day 6 and I'M DYING!

4. I had a special visitor at my work today! I came to back to my office after lunch and my WHOLE family was here. I work with my Aunt and while I was at home fitting my insanity in cause I know I won't want to do it tonight, my aunt and family had a little lunch and then came to see our office. When I walked in the door I was told Ardo had already made himself at home. The little stinker. Don't mind my amazing office decor. Happy Weekend!

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  1. I'm supposed to be going in February!!! It's a work related thing, but I'll be there all weekend. LOL. Maybe, just maybe....lol


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