a couple of things & a couple more

1. I've been going to starbucks a lot (a lot) a hell of a lot more than I'd like to admit. Today I tried their new cheese danish. The cheese danish is my faaaavorite. My opinion? I notice no difference. It was a little smaller (which I guess is not a bad thing) but it basically tasted the same. I coupled the new cheese danish with a light caramel frappuccino, uummm yeah, I think I know what death tastes like. Light caramel frappuccino...not good. Don't get me wrong I drank the whole thing, but eeesh, probably won't be doing that again. Probably.....

2. Leaving the T.V. off when we come home. I'm crazy about my T.V., I'm one of those people that always has it on. I've been noticing lately tho that I've been distracted when I come home. Once I realized what I was doing, I brought it to Jerry's attention. Anytime I have afterwork should be spent with Ardo and whatever else that needs to get done. So we decided to keep the T.V. off til Ardo goes to sleep. From 5:30-8pm no T.V. Some of you might be reading this and thinking, "um duh" but for me being a huge T.V. watcher, I didn't notice how distracted I was....until I did. :)

3. Being I just confessed my new T.V. feelings, when Ardo goes to sleep I resume my T.V. watching. I'm a huge Bravo watcher. Bravo is doing something right now I hope they continue FOREVER...Throwback Thursday. Last week it was the Real Housewives of OC. This Thursday it was Atlanta. I could watch old episodes forever. Old episodes are so raw and actually REAL. Before they could have ever dreamed they'd be reality stars. Thanks Bravo, even if its just for the summer.

4. Lastly, I've been dying to share some wedding photos, I don't have any just yet from our fabulous photographer but I have a couple I shared on instagram. So I wanted to share a picture of our first dance as husband and wife. The photo was a surprise to me and captured on my phone by a friend who helped us during our wedding night. A really sweet surprise! Happy Friday!

fiesta wedding

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  1. You look gorgeous Sonya! I miss having you as our neighbor at Manulife Plaza. Karen


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