a couple of things & a couple more

1. Tuesday I was projectile vomited on first thing in the morning. Is there anything better than being thrown up on in the morning. Tuesday started like any other day, Ardo woke me up at 6:45, I made him some breakfast, put on yo gabba gabba, and jumped in the shower. When I got out Ardo starting crying, just standing there in front of me sobbing. After a few questions I just held him and realized he had a fever. Then in my arms he fell asleep for a few minutes, this little guy was sick. The night before he was perfectly fine. After I made all the calls, his preschool to let them know he won't be coming in, my work to let them know I won't be coming in and my mom to let her know (she picks up Ardo from preschool) I just sat there on the couch with my little boo. Then he suddenly woke up and projectile vomited on me. For the next few hours, we sat and he slept, and I watched Roseanne. Around 4 he was back to his old self and I was left scratching my head....what the heck just happened?

2. I am sponsoring a few of great blogs next month. Well technically I am already sponsoring two and the other will go up in September. I know this isn't the norm but I thought I'd mention it. First there's Ride the Spiral I'm hoping Ana will come down to Southern California one day so we can hang out in real life.
Then there's Behind the Camera and Dreaming her photography is amazing!
And lastly The Life of Bon her blog has EVERYTHING and anything. I absolutely love her blog and really aspire to have her posting schedule. To be so disciplined. Also her recent post about the horrendous Miley Cyrus performance at the VMA's...so full of truth and so sad, you can read it here.

3. Sunday I started 60 days of insanity....I'm on day 6 and I'M DYING!

4. I had a special visitor at my work today! I came to back to my office after lunch and my WHOLE family was here. I work with my Aunt and while I was at home fitting my insanity in cause I know I won't want to do it tonight, my aunt and family had a little lunch and then came to see our office. When I walked in the door I was told Ardo had already made himself at home. The little stinker. Don't mind my amazing office decor. Happy Weekend!


we went on a boat

Description of Photo Description of Photo This weekend was amazing. Family filled weekends are the best. Sunday we did two things, we ate shrimp and went on a boat. Last week Mai, (my cousin in law) asked if we wanted to join her family on a duffy boat ride. I'd never been on a duffy boat, and since Ardo "usually" likes the water, we said sure. You know those days you have when everything goes just smoothly. There's no fighting to get out the door. Your toddler naps the whole car ride, getting himself a good hour in. (considering he doesn't nap anymore, this as a blessing) And you arrive at your destination on time! Our first stop was Killer Shrimp, I've never been but any restaurant on the water....I'm there. Ardo was pretty distracted by the water, and since he had just woken up from his nap he was HUNGRY! Killer Shrimp is known for well something on the menu called killer shrimp, which is basically a bowl of shrimp with either bread for dipping, noodles or rice in a spicy sauce. I was sharing with a toddler so I ordered popcorn shrimp and sweet potato fries....and we gobbled them all up. Then we were off to set sail. Even if we were going round in big circles, just being out there and doing something different, was so much fun. When we got on the boat the man helping us said, "oh the little guys need life jackets," it was Ardo and Mai's nephew. I saw the life jacket and thought Ardo wasn't going to have anything to do with it, but to my surprise he put it on with no problem. Amy (another friend on the boat) snapped a pic and captured this face... Description of Photo I tried explaining to him about the 3 hour tour (you know, gilligan) to make him feel a little better. Description of Photo Description of Photo Description of Photo


a couple of things & a couple more

1. I've been going to starbucks a lot (a lot) a hell of a lot more than I'd like to admit. Today I tried their new cheese danish. The cheese danish is my faaaavorite. My opinion? I notice no difference. It was a little smaller (which I guess is not a bad thing) but it basically tasted the same. I coupled the new cheese danish with a light caramel frappuccino, uummm yeah, I think I know what death tastes like. Light caramel frappuccino...not good. Don't get me wrong I drank the whole thing, but eeesh, probably won't be doing that again. Probably.....

2. Leaving the T.V. off when we come home. I'm crazy about my T.V., I'm one of those people that always has it on. I've been noticing lately tho that I've been distracted when I come home. Once I realized what I was doing, I brought it to Jerry's attention. Anytime I have afterwork should be spent with Ardo and whatever else that needs to get done. So we decided to keep the T.V. off til Ardo goes to sleep. From 5:30-8pm no T.V. Some of you might be reading this and thinking, "um duh" but for me being a huge T.V. watcher, I didn't notice how distracted I was....until I did. :)

3. Being I just confessed my new T.V. feelings, when Ardo goes to sleep I resume my T.V. watching. I'm a huge Bravo watcher. Bravo is doing something right now I hope they continue FOREVER...Throwback Thursday. Last week it was the Real Housewives of OC. This Thursday it was Atlanta. I could watch old episodes forever. Old episodes are so raw and actually REAL. Before they could have ever dreamed they'd be reality stars. Thanks Bravo, even if its just for the summer.

4. Lastly, I've been dying to share some wedding photos, I don't have any just yet from our fabulous photographer but I have a couple I shared on instagram. So I wanted to share a picture of our first dance as husband and wife. The photo was a surprise to me and captured on my phone by a friend who helped us during our wedding night. A really sweet surprise! Happy Friday!

fiesta wedding


baking cookies

Oatmeal chocolate chip are my all time favorite cookie. I hate raisins, even as a kid I've never liked them, when I was little I thought it was so unfair I couldn't enjoy a good oatmeal cookie without those stinkin' raisins. Omg, you know what the worse thing was, when I would ask someone if whatever they offered me had raisins in them and they said "No" and they did!!! Not funny!
Then I discovered the wondrous dream of Oatmeal Chocolate Chip. Yesterday, Jerry's sister came over like she does sometimes so we can make dinner together. As a wedding gift to us my parents bought me something I've wanted for a really long time, my very own kitchen aid! Yellow and perfect. Since Saundra and I were already going to make dinner I figured now we be a perfect time to break it in. I found a "healthy" Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Banana cookie recipe and we put that bad boy to work. The kitchen aid also deserved a video and I've never used instagrams video feature, so I figured why not. I was trying to be cool and make one of those videos where you make something and see the steps quickly, I'm laughing at myself writing this because I had NO idea what I was doing!! I think the video shows is proof enough, haha! Oh well.

I got the recipe for the cookies here!


a new preschool

July brought a lot of changes to our house. Daddy came home, and Ardo started a new preschool. When we started him in pre-preschool back in February, we weren't sure what we were in for. After a few months I was actually happy we put him in a little starter preschool. The stress was completely takin off of us, and Ardo liked it. I think the best thing was the kids that also attended. It made me so happy when I would drop him off and they would be so happy he was in class. The only thing I would change, if I could would be the way I started Ardo out. When he first started, he was going Tuesdays and Wednesdays, I didn't want to start him out with too many days because reeeally, I couldn't handle it. So we started with two and then increased to three. It took a long while before I could drop Ardo off without tears, he never seemed to get used to his schedule, and who could blame at almost 2.
Then of course because I am the way I am, I started thinking if maybe we should change his preschool and put him into an actual school environment. The first preschool was a woman who ran the school out of her home, we were happy but I wondered if putting Ardo in a more structured environment would be better for him. My mom had some other changes going on too, so maybe it was about that time to make a change. After Jerry and I had several discussions, I started looking around for preschoools in our area. I was looking for structure, programs and of course they had to be within our budget. Nothing works for us unless it is in our budget. Then I toured a preschool that had everything I was looking for. The school also had something I didn't know I wanted but was happy when I found it, the preschool had a summer packed full of events. Every single day is something, from smoothie day, to book day, to hat day, 80's day, not gonna lie, I kinda wish I was going to his school too. Ardo started July 1st, just a coupld days after Jerry came home. The first day Jerry and I took him together, and he cried. By day 3 he had already gotten used to his new school, which means --NO TEARS-- and the very next week, kids were already calling his name. If there's nothing sweeter its a 3 year old calling a two year old his friend. I'm glad we made the move, its a nice feeling to make a big decision and have it be the right decision. Being a parent can be so hard, all the decisions you're constantly making and hoping they are going to be the right decision for you and your family. I think I understand when people say "as long as you're happy", when it comes down to it, that's all I can ask for.
Description of Photo Description of Photo a picture of me taking a picture of ardo, had to get one on instagram! Description of Photo Description of Photo Crazy hair day was on July 3rd, naturally we sprayed his head red, white and blue. He was such a good boy not to touch it the whole day! Description of Photo Crazy hat day! This hat wasn't so much craaazy as I thought it was cute, but it worked. The teacher told me he didn't want to take it off all day so they left it on. (don't mind ardo wearing the same shirt as his first day pictures, we recycle school clothes a lot around here) Description of Photo


wedding invitations and my royal eff up (in my eyes)

papel picado wedding invitations From almost the very beginning I decided my theme for my wedding was going to be a Mexican Fiesta. I'm Mexican so you know, it works. Actually the real reason is because I always envisioned a lot of color in my wedding. I knew from the beginning the classic wedding style wasn't really my style. I mean, I had a baby before we got married, I play by my own rules! After the theme was decided, everything else came to follow. The first of which were the invitations. My great friend Laura helped me in every avenue of our wedding. I really didn't make too many decisions without her input. I looked at several ideas and weighing lots of options, I decided on invitations. After our sweet save the date, I wanted the invitations to be just as colorful and really show off our theme, of a Mexican Fiesta. Minted made it really easy, not only was the design exactly what I was looking for, but inputting your information and getting a preview is right at your fingertips. I must have read the invitations a million times. "Did I spell my name right? and Jerry's" "Are my parents names correct?" "Is the reception address correct?" I read them over and over and over again. When I was sure they were exactly how I wanted them, I pressed order and they were printed. I stuffed them, mailed them, and off they went. In one day my cousin had already received hers, then my mom called me and the convo went something like this ::
Mom: Tracy called and she already got her invite
Me: oh great! So glad she got it!
Mom: She had one question tho?
Me: What?
Mom: Well, she couldn't find where the ceremony information was, she saw it starts at 5pm, but where was it?
Me: WHAT?!?!?! No it's on there...right?
Mom: No Sonya, you forgot to put the address of the ceremony, it only has the city. But she said they were super cute!
Me: WHAT!?!?!?! Holy Mother---(I'm sure you can guess what came next, there was alot of F words)
papel picado wedding invitations
See the invitations had 4 parts, A main card announcing who was getting married and just fill in information, a fiesta card for the reception, an rsvp and then a directions card with additional information. I figured we didn't need a direction and (in an effort to save a few bucks) I condensed everything into 3 cards. However when I did that, I left out the ceremony information, sure, people had the city and time but the WHERE? Well, the where, was a mystery. I was mortified!! Not only did I make this huge mistake and confused all our family and friends, I worried I wouldn't be able to fix it in time and no one would show up!! And if that's what you want, great, but I really wanted to be with my family and friends. As if I didn't have enough to be freaked out over I added one more thing to my list. And it was a big one! What choice did we have? I had to order a separate card just for the ceremony information. I then started texting and just telling friends and family to tell their parents or other friends how I goofed and that everyone was invited to the ceremony. Ugh, but this post was to share my wedding invitations, so on to the sharing. I'm still in love, they were just the bomb.com. editbluecard
and the card they gave me a heart attack, but still came out great. editceremonyinfo Little trick I got from a staff member at minted. I wanted matching envelopes, because I always find it so hard to find the right size envelopes. The person at minted suggested I order RSVP cards but just re-style them to what I need. SO I did, and not only did they come with the envelopes, they were also less expensive than the direction cards, I'm not sure why, but Ill take it!



It happened in the past but it still happened so it's worth talking about. In June before Jerry came home my sisters, mom, Ardo and I took a little trip to Knotts Berry Farm. It was Ardo's first time and he loved it. I realized that Ardo is fine on rides and actually enjoys them, but he doesn't want to go by himself. I went to Knotts with no intentions of getting on roller coasters. Truth be told, the older I get the less I want to get on a roller coasters. I'm just scurred now. When we arrived Montezumas Revenge was closed, that used to be my faaavorite ride of all time, but when I saw it closed I thought "oh well, now I can't get on even if I wanted too". It's a strange feeling being somewhere you used to love to go simply for the thrills to now having no desire to even attempt a roller coaster. I went on Lucy's Boat ride and I swear by the end I was feeling nauseous, IT JUST SPINS TOO MUCH!! Even still, we had a great time. One other thing, we went on the train ride where the two robbers hold the train up. I swear I was terrified of those robbers when I was kid, I feel like a part of me wasn't positive if they were real or not. I wasn't scared this time around, in fact I enjoyed sitting on the train and having a little break. Okay now THAT was an oldie statement. And now for the pictures....
Description of Photo Description of Photo Description of Photo Description of Photo Description of Photo Description of Photo Description of Photo
Lucys Tugboat, trust me Description of Photo
Of course eli had to come with us
Description of Photo Description of Photo
I have to say I'm proud of myself and the sorta selfies I took, YES I'M IN MY BLOG! :)


dont call it a comeback

I've really got to stop doing this, but things happen! Jerry has finally after 6 loooong months has come home. June 29th to be exact. It's only August 13th so I'm only a little bit behind right? (yeah, right) Things have been pretty crazy at home. Ardo oh sweet Ardo has decided to become, well a whole other child. I would say never underestimate a 2 year old. I didn't really think he was affected too much by Jerry's absence. After a couple months he stopped asking for daddy. When we skyped or we talked to him he was always excited but when we weren't, it was out of sight out of mind. To be honest that made it easier for me. Jerry came home on a Saturday. It was a glorious evening. We picked him up from the airport and that was that. The first night everything went really well. The only concern that ever crossed my mind was Jerry. I thought maybe he would have to find his groove with us again as a family. Jerry has never been away from Ardo and I for more than a few days. Jerry proved me completely wrong tho. He came back and it was as if he never left. We picked up exactly where we left off. Theeeen it was Sunday night and holy crap did Ardo have something in store for us that blindsided us as parents. He decided he wasn't going to go bed and since then......it's been a struggle. I'm so happy that Jerry is home and we are a family again, but nothing is ever easy.
A few keys points to kick of my revival of blogging::
1. Ardo moved to a big boy bed
2. Ardo started a new preschool
3. and um, oh yeah I got married!
Be back, soon, probably tomorrow :)

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