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Today we have a spotlight post from Kisha over at  The Glamourous French Housewife. I aspire to blog as much as Kisha does. Enjoy! ps don't forget to enter her giveaway!

Hellooooo All  Gray Rainbow Readers! I am so excited to be able to Sponsor Sonya and have this opportunity to meet you all and let you know a little more about me! 

♥ I am the mother of 3 children and happily married to the love of my life! We have been together 10 years and it just keeps getting better and better! 

♥ I own a Persian Cattery where I breed the most beautiful kittens.. If you are looking to add a new member to your family be sure to check us out! Its such a blessing to bring such cute little kittens into the world.. I love every minute of it! 

♥ I went to culinary school.. which was also a dream come true.. who doesn't love to eat! Feel free to check out some of my recipes and/or some of my sweet and treats!

♥ I love to travel and hope that this summer brings some new adventures! (:

♥ I have a type A personalty and love organization! I just got done redoing the kitchen and now I am starting on our big walk in closet! It will feel great to have it done! 

♥ I loooove makeup and beauty products products.. no.. its more like an addiction! My collection just keeps growing and growing! 

♥ I live in North Carolina but seriously ready to make a big move to South Carolina. Just waiting on husby to say the word...so I can start packing up this house!

♥ I am a Youtuber and love making videos! Who would have guessed right!?

♥ I take a pretty laid back approach to raising our kids. I expect manners but I am not an uptight parent! 

♥ If you want to know more about me be sure to check out my - Ask the Housewife - post for more Questions and Answers!

So all in all, I try my best to live the happiest life possible. Not all days are perfect but life is really good! I have an amazing family who makes all the work worth it! My mom is also a blogger and so is my my sister in law Trina! I have made so many great blogging friends through out the years and my hope is some of you loyal Grey Rainbow readers will stop over and say hi and if you like what you see.. feel free to follow in any way!  

And just because I am giving away this beautiful apron right now..

Just fill out the form below and get entered!

Good Luck! You have until the 15th to get entered! 

Thank you for taking a little time out of your day to read up about me and my blog! I hope you guys all have a wonderful day! 

K Jaggers

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  1. I adore aprons and wear them at every opportunity. I would so wear this because its so lovely.


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