a flashback on friday on monday

I work 4 days a week. I usually write my posts ahead of time and then I'll post them once I get to work. Except Friday I knew I wanted to do a flashback post so I started writing Thursday and figured I put the picture Friday at work and publish. Well Friday turned out to be the most annoying day. We had some internet upgrades going on except the person who was supposed to set everything up...didn't know what he was doing. You know how that just happens sometimes. Ridiculous, but I know it happens. (I'm sure you're probably thinking why not just post from home, but I've been giving myself weekends off.) Anyways that whole story is to explain why I am posting a flashback on Friday on Monday. So here goes...One day Marcy and I were watching reruns of Full House, you know how they show it every night on TV land. It was the episode where DJ starts junior high and it's not going as she planned and she has to eat lunch in the phone booth listening to the time. In the episode it might be her first day, she's in the lunch room and discovers she's wearing the exact same outfit as the lunch lady. DJ is mortified! I guess that could definitely be embarrassing right?? Ummm unless you're me and are in kindergarten and think its just awesome and hilarious!! Description of Photo

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  1. My young lady that's a very snappy outfit. Hahaha


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