2 months.

Two months, only two months til my wedding. Ugh! The ugh isn't for the wedding the itself, but you know when you think you have so much time, cause you actually do have plenty of time and then all of a sudden its only two months away and you start shitting bricks?! It's like I have a lot done, but still need a lot at the same time. I think that part is the hardest to grasp. How much I've already done and how much I still need to do. I can feel my anxiety levels get a little higher as the day approaches. Two months is nothing!! I have all the "big" stuff done, and in my opinion, that part was easy. Venue, food, tables and chairs, I didn't think twice about. Everything else however the details that really makes a wedding come to life, that's the part I'm having anxiety over. To my married readers, how did you subside the anxiety? Or did you let it ride? I know it'll all get done it's just from that time til now is what really freaks me out! =/

Look at these two crazy kids. Photo was taken in 2009 in Alabama right after we were done wine tasting. (well not right after, after enough time had gone by that we were okay to drive)
two things:
1. my teeth are like a blinding white--and not in a good way.
2. why the picture is blurred? I have no idea! Description of Photo

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  1. So exciting. I remember stressing out and yet being so excited about our wedding. Good luck :)


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