fathers day

With my own dad working out of town and Jerry still not here (but just two weeks to go), we spent fathers day with Jerry's dad...Big Jerry or papa, depending on who you are. I'm so grateful to be able to have all these men in my life. We went to tokyo wako for a little brunch. If you consider 19 of us little. I really love teppan and since we have a Tokyo Wako nearby we like to go there for occasions. Ardo tho he hasn't really been a fan. Whenever they have the show of the bright fire, he would always cry. However this time was different. He actually enjoyed it, for the most part. He still wasn't too keen on the big fire, but when the chef started cooking he was so excited! He kept yelling rice over and over again. We had a really nice day.
We decided since Jerry is coming home in two weeks, we'll celebrate fathers day all over again with him. I have a little day planned out for us. I also realized that I seem to have a problem gushing about Jerry via instagram. I read so many posts with woman writing the sweetest things about their husbands or boyfriends, and trust me I tried. I started to write, and I would reread it, and it just wasn't me. Something about it just didn't feel like me. So I opted for this instead ::
That was much better. Hope you all had a great weekend!


the glamorous french housewife :: spotlight post

Today we have a spotlight post from Kisha over at  The Glamourous French Housewife. I aspire to blog as much as Kisha does. Enjoy! ps don't forget to enter her giveaway!

Hellooooo All  Gray Rainbow Readers! I am so excited to be able to Sponsor Sonya and have this opportunity to meet you all and let you know a little more about me! 

♥ I am the mother of 3 children and happily married to the love of my life! We have been together 10 years and it just keeps getting better and better! 

♥ I own a Persian Cattery where I breed the most beautiful kittens.. If you are looking to add a new member to your family be sure to check us out! Its such a blessing to bring such cute little kittens into the world.. I love every minute of it! 

♥ I went to culinary school.. which was also a dream come true.. who doesn't love to eat! Feel free to check out some of my recipes and/or some of my sweet and treats!

♥ I love to travel and hope that this summer brings some new adventures! (:

♥ I have a type A personalty and love organization! I just got done redoing the kitchen and now I am starting on our big walk in closet! It will feel great to have it done! 

♥ I loooove makeup and beauty products products.. no.. its more like an addiction! My collection just keeps growing and growing! 

♥ I live in North Carolina but seriously ready to make a big move to South Carolina. Just waiting on husby to say the word...so I can start packing up this house!

♥ I am a Youtuber and love making videos! Who would have guessed right!?

♥ I take a pretty laid back approach to raising our kids. I expect manners but I am not an uptight parent! 

♥ If you want to know more about me be sure to check out my - Ask the Housewife - post for more Questions and Answers!

So all in all, I try my best to live the happiest life possible. Not all days are perfect but life is really good! I have an amazing family who makes all the work worth it! My mom is also a blogger and so is my my sister in law Trina! I have made so many great blogging friends through out the years and my hope is some of you loyal Grey Rainbow readers will stop over and say hi and if you like what you see.. feel free to follow in any way!  

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Thank you for taking a little time out of your day to read up about me and my blog! I hope you guys all have a wonderful day! 

K Jaggers


2 months.

Two months, only two months til my wedding. Ugh! The ugh isn't for the wedding the itself, but you know when you think you have so much time, cause you actually do have plenty of time and then all of a sudden its only two months away and you start shitting bricks?! It's like I have a lot done, but still need a lot at the same time. I think that part is the hardest to grasp. How much I've already done and how much I still need to do. I can feel my anxiety levels get a little higher as the day approaches. Two months is nothing!! I have all the "big" stuff done, and in my opinion, that part was easy. Venue, food, tables and chairs, I didn't think twice about. Everything else however the details that really makes a wedding come to life, that's the part I'm having anxiety over. To my married readers, how did you subside the anxiety? Or did you let it ride? I know it'll all get done it's just from that time til now is what really freaks me out! =/

Look at these two crazy kids. Photo was taken in 2009 in Alabama right after we were done wine tasting. (well not right after, after enough time had gone by that we were okay to drive)
two things:
1. my teeth are like a blinding white--and not in a good way.
2. why the picture is blurred? I have no idea! Description of Photo


you know when you've been wanting something...

There are certain knick knacks for your kitchen or room or bathroom that you see and just want. Do you need it? No. Would it be nice to have? YES! That's how I felt when I first saw this little egg crate. I asked for one for Christmas from one of my friends and her reaction was "I'm not buying you egg crates for CHRISTMAS!" Ugh I didn't see why not, it's what I wanted. I forgot about them....and then when I went to the Irvine Spectrum for my sisters birthday there they were. All shiny and pretty and just wanting to be purchased. I only bought one (I didn't go crazy) but that one purchase has made me so happy, and when I open my fridge those eggs look pretty cute, it's the little things. Description of Photo Description of Photo Wanna know a secret? I hate eggs, I never eat them and even hard boiled I can tolerate those but only eat maybe one and only the egg white. Ardo however looooves eggs. So if they gotta be in my fridge, they mind as well be stylin'.


a flashback on friday on monday

I work 4 days a week. I usually write my posts ahead of time and then I'll post them once I get to work. Except Friday I knew I wanted to do a flashback post so I started writing Thursday and figured I put the picture Friday at work and publish. Well Friday turned out to be the most annoying day. We had some internet upgrades going on except the person who was supposed to set everything up...didn't know what he was doing. You know how that just happens sometimes. Ridiculous, but I know it happens. (I'm sure you're probably thinking why not just post from home, but I've been giving myself weekends off.) Anyways that whole story is to explain why I am posting a flashback on Friday on Monday. So here goes...One day Marcy and I were watching reruns of Full House, you know how they show it every night on TV land. It was the episode where DJ starts junior high and it's not going as she planned and she has to eat lunch in the phone booth listening to the time. In the episode it might be her first day, she's in the lunch room and discovers she's wearing the exact same outfit as the lunch lady. DJ is mortified! I guess that could definitely be embarrassing right?? Ummm unless you're me and are in kindergarten and think its just awesome and hilarious!! Description of Photo

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