I keep meaning to talk about my wedding here on the blog, but everytime I came to write down words, I had nothing to talk about. We had a date, but that's it. I knew the theme I'd like to go with, but I just hadn't made any plans after that. Our wedding date is August 10, 2013. I know it's coming up. I am happy to say wedding plans are full steam ahead. We've had our venue for awhile. We are having our ceremony and in one location and having our reception in a backyard, in the city Jerry and I both grew up in. It's literally 5 minutes away from our apartment. Initially, I wanted to have a backyard wedding to cut our costs because we we're having a wedding on a very tight budget. As our budget seemed to increase little by little, I wanted the location to stay the same, the backyard has so much character already, and I'm excited to transform it even more. Our wedding theme is a mexican fiesta! I wanted to share with you our save the dates that went out to our family and friends last week. My good friend Laura drew those adorable pigs (by hand) and then created the rest. I am so in love with them. Our wedding is to have a few pigs here and there too, you know, it's my wedding so pigs need to be in it. Have a great Friday! Description of Photo


  1. These are so cute!!

    Keep posting about your wedding, it will help out sort all the details that need it. I remember when we got married (8 years ago) I used my private journal to do it. Thank goodness, aside from it helping with stress, I had a written memory of the process. Congratulations!

    1. thank you and I will. I have to admit Im pretty excited now.

    2. EEEEEEEEkkk!! Congrats! I'm excited for you and Jerry <3


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