we went to a petting zoo, kinda

Last week I was itching to take Ardo somewhere new. We have a few parks around our area but I feel like we go to them so often Ardo has to be sick of them by now. My sister remembered she passed by a park and saw they had a small petting zoo, so we went. Small was a bit of an understatement, the little farm zoo was tiiiiny. BUT, it was the CLEANEST farm zoo, I'd ever been too. The animals looked almost happy to be there. They were well fed, clean, absolutely no flys around them. (I can't say the same for other petting zoos we've been too.) My favorite animal there of course was a little (huge) pig named Franky. Franky is probably Goliath's long lost cousin. Here's why: they both grunt, they both have faces only a mother could love, and they both love to sleep in the sun. I was only there for an hour with Franky and I was still able to read him pretty well. Ardo was so funny, he kept saying "hi" to the animals and very genuinely waving to them and of course because they are animals they didn't wave back. I think it hurt his little feelings because after they didn't respond he would just look at me and shrug. It was sad and funny at the same time. Okay it was mostly funny. I tried explaining to him, but after a few minutes he went right back to his waving. Oh did I mention this farm zoo was FREE? Yes, clean animals, shade and free. Description of Photo
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Franky my love
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those shrugs
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  1. I love his expression of "But why no HI?" lol

  2. Your son's expression is so adorable! And, Franky, absolutely presh! When I was younger I wanted a piggy as a pet. My mother on-the-other-hand, not so much, lol.



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