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Hey guys, hope you had a wonderful weekend. I had a great one, I can actually type out that I had a great weekend. It's been awhile, so I'm happy to report it. I am sharing with you today my first spotlight post. There's a little back story to this particular blogger. Last year when this blog was just a wee baby starting out, I told a few friends and family I was starting a blog and they could follow me if they wanted. One day I was logging on to start writing a post and I had one more follower, this brought me up to 14!! I was excited thinking another friend had followed along. To my surprise the follower wasn't a friend or family member, it was a neither! In fact I didn't know this person. I remember being so excited I emailed her telling her how thankful I was she was following along, and with one email we became friends. Now a whole year later, we would be in real life friends...if only we lived a little closer!
Analilia is the blogger at Ride the Spiral and she has the sweetest little boy. Instead of her writing a guest post I decided to do a little Q&A. It went like this :: ride the spiral

What made you want to start a blog?
-- I have a Livejournal. I've had that since 2003 and it was a great way to document my life. That journal has seen a lot of changes in my life, from meeting my husband to our first kiss, and to getting pregnant. When we did get pregnant, I decided to keep it separate from LJ so Blogger came in. At first it just held stats and information regarding the pregnancy, but then it evolved into a bit more than that--especially with the birth of Michael. All of these new experiences started to happen when I became a parent, that I knew I had to document. That's when Ride The Spiral went from just a "log" to a blog.

What has been the most challenging thing about blogging?
-- Trying to come up with new content. It doesn't sound like it's hard to just write up a post about your daily on goings--but it is! Especially when it's the same mundane thing over and over again. Although sometimes just having some "blah" is better than any drama.

What are some of your favorite blogs to read and be inspired from?
-- I love your blog :) Does that count? No? Okay. I love reading You Are The Roots. Lindsay over at YATR has been an avaid LJ blogger too, so we go way back. However, now she's on Blogger and it's so awesome catch up with her again and just read about little Ethan. I am also a huge fan of I Wear Yoga Pants (LJ buddy too), E Myself and I, and Kandee Johnson Here and Here.

What is your go to activity for Michael on a rainy day?
-- We have plenty of tickle fights and learning. I try to come up with songs so he can learn new things. Granted, I have a voice that can crack a mirror but it gets the job done. Right now we are learning shapes. He already knows "Heart", "Circle", "Triangle", "Star", and "Square." It's working.

Do you plan on giving Michael a sibling?
--I want to say yes. When? No idea. We have somewhat of a time line and hope maybe next year, but it's all up to Mother Nature and the forces out there to cooperate. We would love to have a little girl. We already have a name picked out. It's somewhat exciting just talking about it. Ha!

What are your future plans for your blog?
-- At the moment I just want to jot down memories for Michael. I want to be able to have him read the posts (if Blogger still exists) and see how much he has always been loved. Aside from the sappy part, I want to add more DIY and Food related posts. I'm no good with baking and DIY, but I think that even just making a wee bit of fun at myself may help me post about them more often. Who knows, I may come up with something good.
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