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Description of Photo Description of Photo In my neighborhood every year the city celebrates its birthday with a little thing called play days. When I was younger, I thought it was HUGE and the rides were monstrous. I can still remember the day my mom let me go with my friend Izzy by ourselves. We thought we were sooo cool. This was in elementary school and at the time I couldn't get enough of rollercoasters, crazy rides, whatever they had to offer. One ride Izzy and I especially loved was called zipper. Have you ever been on zipper? If not let me explain, you would get into a tiny little cage and there were little straps to try and hold you in place. Then they'd close the door on the cage, lock it, and start the ride. The ride is skinny, so you would go round and round and at the same time, your cage is also going round and round. Sounds like a blast right, and it was. We would ride again and again. For years every year, my family and friends or just friends we always made our way to play days. After high school I stopped going, I think I felt too old to be there? Maybe too cool? Either way I gave myself a break. But this year with Ardo now being two and possibly being able to enjoy the rides I decided to introduce the little guy to a long time tradition. Play days is hosted at one of our favorite parks, so Ardo recognized where we were going. Once we got there his eyes got HUGE!! I thought that was a good thing. To my disappointment they only had two rides that Ardo could possibly go on, so I bought a few tickets and put him on the pink elephants. Poor Ardo as soon as it started he started crying. I actually don't think he was scared of the ride itself. I think he was scared because he was far aware from his Tia (auntie Saundra) and I. The ride probably lasted a minute and a half. The first 30 seconds he cried and the last minute he sat there with his arms crossed mad at us. I tried not to laugh and encourage him that it was fun, but he wasn't having it. So not totally spoil his night I took him on the carousal and rode with him. I guess I jumped the gun on him riding alone, hopefully by the cities 98th birthday, he'll be more excited. Description of Photo Description of Photo Description of Photo
:: Get ready to have your heart broken ::
Description of Photo Description of Photo Description of Photo
:: He still loves his mama! ::
Description of Photo
Have a happy Friday friends!


  1. OMG! My heart did break! Poor baby. I "Awed" while semi crying....this is not cool while I work. But, no one was around so it's okay.

    I can't wait for our county fair to come in the next few weeks. The state fair just seems to "big" for Michael right now.

    1. haha, I know ana, poor little guy. But he was fine right after.

  2. Replies
    1. Thats my favorite part of summer, the fairs come to town and my tummy gets fed!


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