back again.

I've asked myself many times, why so many things have happened to me while Jerry is away. Some things I have shared and some I haven't, but nonetheless all of which I am going through. I had another hard time come my way on April 21.  I lost someone close to me very suddenly. It's really thrown me for a loop, an emotional rollercoaster. I know the cliches, "things like this make you stronger," "god only gives you what you can handle," "time heals." I guess to some degree these are true. But really they are just words, and when your heart is hurting, the words don't pierce through, they don't protect you. But this blog helps me, I like sharing with whoever will read, my thoughts, my adventures and of course my Ardo. I have lots of new things to share ahead, some good and some not as good, but all worth sharing. In the two weeks I've been gone, Jerry came home for a quick visit, Ardo turned two and wedding plans are full steam ahead. So once again I am back, I'm like Michael Jordan, I just can't quit cause I love it too much. My heart has some healing to do, but my life as much as I'd like it to stand still, just won't.

“Courage: the most important of all the virtues because without courage, you can't practice any other virtue consistently.” ― Maya Angelou


  1. Thinking of you...can't wait to have some lunch dates when I am downtown again this summer! Give Ardo a hug from me. xoxo Jenn


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