31 days

In 31 days Jerry will be home. I am so excited, anxious and a little nervous about our life coming back together as one. It's a strange feeling to have because since he left in January I've only wanted him to come back home and now that he is, I'm thinking about the dreadful ... transition period. You know that period when something or someone has been away for a little bit and you have to find your "new normal". I know we'll get back to it, but I'm also aware it's not going to be easy, for either of us. I've made a new schedule for me and Ardo that has been working for the past 6 months. The schedule consists of us waking up really early on Saturdays and Sundays and starting our day. Whatever we do, we do it early! If Jerry and I are complete opposites on one thing, it's waking up early. Don't get me wrong I wasn't always like this, but after 2 years of being a mama, there really isn't any other way. In fact I can't sleep in (more on that later). Anyway back to Jerome, Jerry has been on the exact opposite schedule, sleeping in as late as he wants and then when he does wake up, he takes care of him. So those two schedules are going to have to mesh as one. I feel like these are things no one talks about, how it's not easy to be apart and then it's not that easy to just come back together. Things don't go back to how they were, now it's up to you to put them back together. For 6 months you've been living a new life that you are forced to get used to and now you have to readjust, again.
The good thing is, instead of having to adjust to life alone, you can adjust with each other. At the end of the day you have each other, and that is the best part. I look at single moms in a whole new light. Having a taste of that for 6 months wasn't easy. Doing everything myself (when I was at home). So many tasks on my plate at one time. These woman and men that don't have a 6 month end point, I have so much respect for. My feelings are a little all over the place because I'm feeling so many different emotions:: but at the top of that list is happiness. Because above all else, I love that guy...and he loves me, and that's how I know everything will be alright.
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  1. I'm glad Jerry gets to come home and complete your family.

    Thank you to him for all he does for our country and thank you to you for holding it all down.

  2. you're so sweet!! it hasnt been easy, but somehow I've managed. =)


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