31 days

In 31 days Jerry will be home. I am so excited, anxious and a little nervous about our life coming back together as one. It's a strange feeling to have because since he left in January I've only wanted him to come back home and now that he is, I'm thinking about the dreadful ... transition period. You know that period when something or someone has been away for a little bit and you have to find your "new normal". I know we'll get back to it, but I'm also aware it's not going to be easy, for either of us. I've made a new schedule for me and Ardo that has been working for the past 6 months. The schedule consists of us waking up really early on Saturdays and Sundays and starting our day. Whatever we do, we do it early! If Jerry and I are complete opposites on one thing, it's waking up early. Don't get me wrong I wasn't always like this, but after 2 years of being a mama, there really isn't any other way. In fact I can't sleep in (more on that later). Anyway back to Jerome, Jerry has been on the exact opposite schedule, sleeping in as late as he wants and then when he does wake up, he takes care of him. So those two schedules are going to have to mesh as one. I feel like these are things no one talks about, how it's not easy to be apart and then it's not that easy to just come back together. Things don't go back to how they were, now it's up to you to put them back together. For 6 months you've been living a new life that you are forced to get used to and now you have to readjust, again.
The good thing is, instead of having to adjust to life alone, you can adjust with each other. At the end of the day you have each other, and that is the best part. I look at single moms in a whole new light. Having a taste of that for 6 months wasn't easy. Doing everything myself (when I was at home). So many tasks on my plate at one time. These woman and men that don't have a 6 month end point, I have so much respect for. My feelings are a little all over the place because I'm feeling so many different emotions:: but at the top of that list is happiness. Because above all else, I love that guy...and he loves me, and that's how I know everything will be alright.
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this weekend

It was a loooong weekend. Saturday morning we woke up very early and headed to The Grove for a little shopping. We ate a quick breakfast of an amazing Nutella Crepe and this sweet fruit arrangement. Description of Photo We then headed to Chuck E. Cheese for Ardos first introduction with Chuck. He really liked the characters on stage. However when Chuck E. came out, that was a different story and then Ardo appreciated some distance. Description of Photo Description of Photo We did some memorial day cleaning and I found these goodies in Ardo's toy box. (I'm trying to convert his room into a toddler room, slowly but surely) Description of Photo I realized Ardo finally fits into shoes. Yay! He will be wearing one pair everyday til his toes pop out! Description of Photo I also went to the vintage market on Sunday with Laura and scored a goodie for the wedding. More on that later!


my mamas birthday

Today is my mamas birthday. I love this woman. You know what I love most about her? She's one of the funniest people I know. I appreciate that my mom was my friend, but always my mom first. Even now as an adult, she seemed to be able to walk that line very well. I admire that in her and hope to be able to do that myself. Thanks mama, for being the bestest.
Happy Birthday!

Vintage pic of me and my mom, when I was still the only girl!
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for my littlest sisters birthday

Description of Photo Over the weekend my little sister had a birthday. My sister didn't want a party this year, so instead my other sister and Ardo and I decided to take her for a little shopping spree. On the weekends I like to try and get out of our city. So we decided on going south to the Irvine Spectrum. I hadn't been to the Irvine Spectrum in YEARS, so I was happy to see how much it had improved. They had a great selection of stores (a bunch of new ones) and those stores were weeeell stocked. I was also happy to see they had a few things Ardo could be entertained with too so it wasn't just about shopping, there was something for everyone. We started with breakfast at corner bakery. Ardo has been eating up a storm lately! He ate a yogurt before we left in the morning and then ate a MEAL at corner bakery. Description of Photo
Aren't those take n toss cups, the best! Except I never toss mine. =)
Description of Photo We did lots of shopping (to bad we were only there for 6 hours!), and enjoyed the beautiful weather. It was 73, a little breezy, a little sun, just perfect. We took little breaks and rode the carousal. Description of Photo We also decided to get on the ferris wheel, and while we were on it, Marcy decided she didn't like it anymore. That picture might look staged but she meant it! Description of Photo Ardo found a new best friend. We went to Forever 21 and he spotted this duck/penguin. He thinks its a puppet and played with it for hours. For $1.50 if that's gonna make him happy, it was worth it. Description of Photo
I would say my sister had a great birthday!
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ride the spiral :: spotlight post

Hey guys, hope you had a wonderful weekend. I had a great one, I can actually type out that I had a great weekend. It's been awhile, so I'm happy to report it. I am sharing with you today my first spotlight post. There's a little back story to this particular blogger. Last year when this blog was just a wee baby starting out, I told a few friends and family I was starting a blog and they could follow me if they wanted. One day I was logging on to start writing a post and I had one more follower, this brought me up to 14!! I was excited thinking another friend had followed along. To my surprise the follower wasn't a friend or family member, it was a neither! In fact I didn't know this person. I remember being so excited I emailed her telling her how thankful I was she was following along, and with one email we became friends. Now a whole year later, we would be in real life friends...if only we lived a little closer!
Analilia is the blogger at Ride the Spiral and she has the sweetest little boy. Instead of her writing a guest post I decided to do a little Q&A. It went like this :: ride the spiral

What made you want to start a blog?
-- I have a Livejournal. I've had that since 2003 and it was a great way to document my life. That journal has seen a lot of changes in my life, from meeting my husband to our first kiss, and to getting pregnant. When we did get pregnant, I decided to keep it separate from LJ so Blogger came in. At first it just held stats and information regarding the pregnancy, but then it evolved into a bit more than that--especially with the birth of Michael. All of these new experiences started to happen when I became a parent, that I knew I had to document. That's when Ride The Spiral went from just a "log" to a blog.

What has been the most challenging thing about blogging?
-- Trying to come up with new content. It doesn't sound like it's hard to just write up a post about your daily on goings--but it is! Especially when it's the same mundane thing over and over again. Although sometimes just having some "blah" is better than any drama.

What are some of your favorite blogs to read and be inspired from?
-- I love your blog :) Does that count? No? Okay. I love reading You Are The Roots. Lindsay over at YATR has been an avaid LJ blogger too, so we go way back. However, now she's on Blogger and it's so awesome catch up with her again and just read about little Ethan. I am also a huge fan of I Wear Yoga Pants (LJ buddy too), E Myself and I, and Kandee Johnson Here and Here.

What is your go to activity for Michael on a rainy day?
-- We have plenty of tickle fights and learning. I try to come up with songs so he can learn new things. Granted, I have a voice that can crack a mirror but it gets the job done. Right now we are learning shapes. He already knows "Heart", "Circle", "Triangle", "Star", and "Square." It's working.

Do you plan on giving Michael a sibling?
--I want to say yes. When? No idea. We have somewhat of a time line and hope maybe next year, but it's all up to Mother Nature and the forces out there to cooperate. We would love to have a little girl. We already have a name picked out. It's somewhat exciting just talking about it. Ha!

What are your future plans for your blog?
-- At the moment I just want to jot down memories for Michael. I want to be able to have him read the posts (if Blogger still exists) and see how much he has always been loved. Aside from the sappy part, I want to add more DIY and Food related posts. I'm no good with baking and DIY, but I think that even just making a wee bit of fun at myself may help me post about them more often. Who knows, I may come up with something good.
ride the spiral Blog//Instagram


play days

Description of Photo Description of Photo In my neighborhood every year the city celebrates its birthday with a little thing called play days. When I was younger, I thought it was HUGE and the rides were monstrous. I can still remember the day my mom let me go with my friend Izzy by ourselves. We thought we were sooo cool. This was in elementary school and at the time I couldn't get enough of rollercoasters, crazy rides, whatever they had to offer. One ride Izzy and I especially loved was called zipper. Have you ever been on zipper? If not let me explain, you would get into a tiny little cage and there were little straps to try and hold you in place. Then they'd close the door on the cage, lock it, and start the ride. The ride is skinny, so you would go round and round and at the same time, your cage is also going round and round. Sounds like a blast right, and it was. We would ride again and again. For years every year, my family and friends or just friends we always made our way to play days. After high school I stopped going, I think I felt too old to be there? Maybe too cool? Either way I gave myself a break. But this year with Ardo now being two and possibly being able to enjoy the rides I decided to introduce the little guy to a long time tradition. Play days is hosted at one of our favorite parks, so Ardo recognized where we were going. Once we got there his eyes got HUGE!! I thought that was a good thing. To my disappointment they only had two rides that Ardo could possibly go on, so I bought a few tickets and put him on the pink elephants. Poor Ardo as soon as it started he started crying. I actually don't think he was scared of the ride itself. I think he was scared because he was far aware from his Tia (auntie Saundra) and I. The ride probably lasted a minute and a half. The first 30 seconds he cried and the last minute he sat there with his arms crossed mad at us. I tried not to laugh and encourage him that it was fun, but he wasn't having it. So not totally spoil his night I took him on the carousal and rode with him. I guess I jumped the gun on him riding alone, hopefully by the cities 98th birthday, he'll be more excited. Description of Photo Description of Photo Description of Photo
:: Get ready to have your heart broken ::
Description of Photo Description of Photo Description of Photo
:: He still loves his mama! ::
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Have a happy Friday friends!


we went to a petting zoo, kinda

Last week I was itching to take Ardo somewhere new. We have a few parks around our area but I feel like we go to them so often Ardo has to be sick of them by now. My sister remembered she passed by a park and saw they had a small petting zoo, so we went. Small was a bit of an understatement, the little farm zoo was tiiiiny. BUT, it was the CLEANEST farm zoo, I'd ever been too. The animals looked almost happy to be there. They were well fed, clean, absolutely no flys around them. (I can't say the same for other petting zoos we've been too.) My favorite animal there of course was a little (huge) pig named Franky. Franky is probably Goliath's long lost cousin. Here's why: they both grunt, they both have faces only a mother could love, and they both love to sleep in the sun. I was only there for an hour with Franky and I was still able to read him pretty well. Ardo was so funny, he kept saying "hi" to the animals and very genuinely waving to them and of course because they are animals they didn't wave back. I think it hurt his little feelings because after they didn't respond he would just look at me and shrug. It was sad and funny at the same time. Okay it was mostly funny. I tried explaining to him, but after a few minutes he went right back to his waving. Oh did I mention this farm zoo was FREE? Yes, clean animals, shade and free. Description of Photo
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Franky my love
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those shrugs
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button swaps

Hello Tuesday! I just wanted to remind you all I have four ad swaps spots still available on my sidebar. The ad swap will include a highlight just for you! I always find Q&A's the easiest and most fun. Don't forget to use the promo code :: grainbow :: so the spot is FREEEEE. I'd really like to swap spots whenever possible, but if not I'm still happy to have you on my sidebar!
email information: agrayrainbowblog(at)gmail(dot)com.


mamas day

My third Mothers Day started EARLY! As his first gift to me Ardo woke up at 6:45am, craaaanky as can be. This boy wakes up STARVING and starving = cranky. Also, sidenote:: for the past few months Ardo can't stand to have his diaper changed. He screams and yells and throws his diaper and wipes off the changing table and is just simply actin a fool. Maybe this is his way or saying he wants to be potty trained? Whatever it is, I'm over the "don't want to get my diaper changed tantrums." I mean it's worse for me than it is for him. =) More on that later.
Back to waking up at 6:45am. I gave him a little yogurt and then he goes straight to playing. It's funny because I figured he would wake up early on Mothers Day, reminding me why I get to celebrate Mothers Day. Since Jerry isn't home, we decided to spend some time with Jerry's mom and some time with my mom. Ardo was happy because yesterday was HOT! So after arriving at Jerry's moms house, we stripped Ardo down and he played in/with the water for the first part of the day. The second part of the day was spent at my mamas house. She surprised me with the sweetest hand made card they helped Ardo with and some monies attached to it. They also helped Ardo with that part. My day was pretty great and relaxing. I will say tho even on my 3rd Mother's Day it still feels like my moms day, it's hard for me to really accept it as MY day too. I don't mind tho, cause my mama will always deserve it, she is the greatest and the funniest too, which is probably even better.
Description of Photo Jerome surprised me with flowers & thats sammy pig, he sits outside my apartment. Description of Photo Sorry this one is so fuzzy. But you get the idea. Description of Photo



I keep meaning to talk about my wedding here on the blog, but everytime I came to write down words, I had nothing to talk about. We had a date, but that's it. I knew the theme I'd like to go with, but I just hadn't made any plans after that. Our wedding date is August 10, 2013. I know it's coming up. I am happy to say wedding plans are full steam ahead. We've had our venue for awhile. We are having our ceremony and in one location and having our reception in a backyard, in the city Jerry and I both grew up in. It's literally 5 minutes away from our apartment. Initially, I wanted to have a backyard wedding to cut our costs because we we're having a wedding on a very tight budget. As our budget seemed to increase little by little, I wanted the location to stay the same, the backyard has so much character already, and I'm excited to transform it even more. Our wedding theme is a mexican fiesta! I wanted to share with you our save the dates that went out to our family and friends last week. My good friend Laura drew those adorable pigs (by hand) and then created the rest. I am so in love with them. Our wedding is to have a few pigs here and there too, you know, it's my wedding so pigs need to be in it. Have a great Friday! Description of Photo



Description of Photo Description of Photo First off I didn't intend for this to be a photobomb post but it turned out that way anyway, Sor. (sidenote:: Sor is a short version of sorry I've been using since high school, I might use it again, just fyi)
Friday morning we woke up early. Jerry and I went to bed kinda early the night before because we knew we had a big day ahead of us. Friday morning was great, Jerry was finally home, and I got to take a shower in the morning completely uninterrupted. Actually that's a lie, Ardo still came looking for me, but Jerry was quick to entertain him and get him excited for Disneyland! Once we arrived at Disneyland, I started getting really excited. I haven't been to Disneyland in years. I'm really glad we waited to take Ardo. At 2 years old he was able to take in so much. He was yelling at the characters and telling them "hi" a thousand times. I notice if we're with him, he's fine, when he has to sit on there lap, that's a different story. I wasn't sure how long Ardo would want to stay in his stroller, but because we were in a crowded place he didn't mind it one bit. He seems to do that when he's in crowded places, which, I LOVE! It already freaks me out how friendly he is to strangers. He'll go up to them and start talking to them and he isn't afraid. So to have him in his stroller at Disneyland was awesome. We went on as many rides as we could, there aren't any photos of us on the rides because each ride we rode, as a family. And since just the three of us went, pictures were for after. As a blogger even when I was on my hiatus I still took pictures, that I can't stop, but I made a decision to take pictures for a bit and then not worry about snapping away, I wanted to soak in as much as I could while we were all together. Ardo's favorite ride was Winnie the Pooh. We went on twice, he loved Dumbo and It's a Small World, and of course Toontown, but there was something about Winnie the Pooh that captured his heart. The only "big ride" we got on was Pirates, I wasn't sure how he would take to it but he surprised me, he LOVED the drops at the beginning. LOVED THEM. Right after the two drops there's a short time when it's really dark and the Pirates are fighting, he wasn't too keen on the dark, then the villagers appear and he was intrigued again.
Description of Photo Mr. Toads Wild Ride was the second to our last ride, Pinocchio turned out to be our last. My friend Izzy was asking me about Mr. Toads and asking if Ardo was scared, I thought he might be too because when you think about it, Mr. Toads is kinda scary. It's dark and these things are just popping up at you and then of course the end. I replied to her with "oh you mean the part where you go to HELL"! I mean sheesh that part scares me a bit, but Ardo seemed to love it, wanting to get on again (if only time permitted).
Picture 071Picture 049
Disneyland was a success!! Sometimes with toddlers you don't know, you get really excited about something and that's the day, they have an off day. Or the reaction they have doesn't match yours and suddenly what you thought would be fun, isn't. So when things pan out how I hope they would, I'm overjoyed. I will say, seeing Disneyland through the eyes of a two year old was the best feeling. His genuine excitement reminded me of when I was a kid and how every year when we were able to go, how happy I was, and how I hoped the day never ended. Second awesome thing, Ardo was DONE by 7:30pm. Thank goodness cause so were we. =) Description of Photo


first things first ... ardo turned 2

oh my sweet sweet Ardo.  On April 25th he officially turned two years old. This birthday was a lot different from last year. I decided to not have a birthday party. Jerry and I had decided early on, this year we would go to Disneyland. Then Jerry had to go to North Dakota so I wasn't sure, if I should go ahead with a small party or what the heck to do. Once we we're positive that Daddy was going to be Ardo's birthday gift, our Disneyland plans were full steam ahead. Thursday morning we woke up bright and early and headed to my moms house. We made Ardo little pancakes and started his breakfast with happy birthday pankcakes. I could tell Ardo was a little confused as to why I allowed him so close to fire, but he spit, I mean blew out the candles and then clapped, cause he's so always proud of himself. Description of Photo
We went back to our small apartment and got ready for his little cake with abues and papa (Jerrys parents) and some aunts and uncles, and little cousins too. I was so proud of myself, because I made a little 2 layer cake for Ardo all by myself. I was going to make a small cake but then I decided to try and make a two layer, you know to spruce it up a bit. I made things as easy as possible. I bought a boxed vanilla cake, the little candies from Michaels, and some orange sprinkles. I use cool whip for the frosting because cool whip is so much easier to use than the other frosting and I had food coloring left over. There you have it, a green cake with little animals. Description of Photo
Description of Photo
I started to get very excited at about 7:30pm. Jerry's flight arrived at 8:55pm and I was just ready for him to be home. I'm not sure if I mentioned that Jerry made me promise not to tell Ardo he was coming home. I didn't tell him and I tried to explain to Jerry that Ardo really doesn't understand, but he wasn't having any of that. So I got Ardo ready for bed, loaded him up in the car and we went to get Daddy. Ardo was half asleep half awake when Jerry got in the car but even still he was so excited, for 15 minutes til he fell back asleep. I took Jerry straight to In-N-Out. Ardo woke up the next morning as if Jerry had never left. He said "hi, dada" and that was it, theeen we got ready for Disneyland!

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