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Hey Guys, I've added a little something to my sidebar that I've wanted to ad for a little while but I wasn't sure how to go about it. BUTTON SWAP!! You know you go through phases when the blog is a little quiet, then maybe you get a fire lit under you and you're ready to promote again, I have the fire. But I'd also like to help small time bloggers out too (any size blogs are welcome! I just say small time cause I'm small time). I figure we can help each other. I decided to go with Passionfruit because, how can I not, they make it sooo easy! Easy peasy, is my motto for April. I will only be showing 5 swaps shown for 30 days at time. I figured 5 is perfect because the buttons are a good size and you can really get noticed. I might be changing up a few things on the blog and put swaps in there own sidebar (probably).
Swaps are free so if you are interested please email me at agrayrainbowblog(at)gmail(dot)com for the promo code. I am also open to spotlight posts if you wanted to swap. We can email about that too. Hope to see you on my sidebar!

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