Description of Photo Description of Photo Description of Photo You know when you go grocery shopping and you see something....different, so of course you buy it! That was me yesterday afternoon, I was in the fruits and veggies section (because I really really need to eat more fruits and veggies) and I was about to buy some apples when I saw grapples. An apple that tastes like a grape? Sure why not. Ardo is a crazy super duper grape lover, I've never seen a child so obsessed with grapes. I'm not sure how it started, I do know when Ardo was younger I was so paranoid when it came to grapes and worried he would choke. I first cut them in 4's, then in halves, to now, I don't cut them at all. He just bites when it's too big. Anyways, back to grapples, so we bought them, took them home, and immediately dove into them. SURVEY SAYS :: Eh, I was a little disappointed. I thought I was would be biting into an apple and getting an overwhelming sense of grape flavor. So much so if I closed my eyes, my mind might be tricked into thinking I was eating a crunchy grape? That didn't happen. They were crunchy, but the grape juices that were supposed to take over didn't. So kinda disappointing for me. Ardo however WAS a fan (shocking) and he gobbled them up without complaint. So there you have it, now ask me if the next time I see something "interesting" at the market if I'll buy it? ..... yup! Description of Photo Description of Photo


our lays challenge

Description of Photo A couple weeks ago my sister and I were at Ralph's and the lady there asked if we wanted some free chips. Umm did this chick just say ... Free! Of course we wanted some. They were only allowed to give one to each person, luckily for us they counted Ardo and we scored all three. So after a long day yesterday my sisters and I sat down and tried them all. First up was Chicken & Waffles. Description of Photo Description of Photo
YUM!! You can taste the syrup. I have to admit I wouldn't be able to eat the whole bag, but out of the 3 it was the most unique. Next up was Cheesy Garlic Bread... Description of Photo Description of Photo
That's how we felt about that one. And last was Sriracha! Marcy and I liked them, my other sister Mariah doesn't enjoy hot, so she wasn't a fan, but I have to admit these didn't taste too different than the other spicy chips out there. So I kinda hope these don't win. Eventho they were good! Description of Photo
We discussed in detail and decided the Chicken & Waffles were our favorite! I sure hope they win. They got our vote.
ps having a chip challenge was awesome since I'm still on no desserts. Aaand just in case you needed to vote Lays Challenge.


button swap

Hey Guys, I've added a little something to my sidebar that I've wanted to ad for a little while but I wasn't sure how to go about it. BUTTON SWAP!! You know you go through phases when the blog is a little quiet, then maybe you get a fire lit under you and you're ready to promote again, I have the fire. But I'd also like to help small time bloggers out too (any size blogs are welcome! I just say small time cause I'm small time). I figure we can help each other. I decided to go with Passionfruit because, how can I not, they make it sooo easy! Easy peasy, is my motto for April. I will only be showing 5 swaps shown for 30 days at time. I figured 5 is perfect because the buttons are a good size and you can really get noticed. I might be changing up a few things on the blog and put swaps in there own sidebar (probably).
Swaps are free so if you are interested please email me at agrayrainbowblog(at)gmail(dot)com for the promo code. I am also open to spotlight posts if you wanted to swap. We can email about that too. Hope to see you on my sidebar!


a spin class

I don't "like" to workout but of course I do because I have too. I always feel wonderful after but sometimes it's a challenge getting there. One thing about me tho is I have to have a class, a dvd, a trainer - basically someone needs to be telling me what to do. I get bored of workout classes easily so I'm always up for something new.
SO, when my soon to be cousin in law Mai, asked if I wanted to join her for spin class, I of course said yes. Bright and early Saturday morning Mai and I headed to class. (thank you sister for watching Ardobardo) Not gonna lie, as we got closer and closer I was getting nervous. I just kept thinking I hadn't done a hard workout class in a long time and I might vom. I thought, "okay if I vom, whatever, I just won't come back." - That's a normal thought process right.
We were the first ones there and the instructor couldn't have been nicer. We told her it was our first time and she explained everything to us. She also said not to worry about keeping up, she said just peddling a moderate pace is okay for now too and we're still burning calories. (phew! I love when instructors are nice like that) Okay so, want to know when you know a workout is gonna be really freaking hard?? When the instructor tells you to start by warming up and you peddle for about a minute and you get tired---yeah that was ME!
Class started and actually I was doing pretty good, Mai kept up with no problem so I was trying to also, then we started standing and peddling and that's when the S got real and I thought, yup I'm gonna vom. My legs were soooo so so so tired! However when I started feeling like it was too much and like the vom was coming up, I slowed down sat and just went at my pace. Funny thing is that is what I love about classes. They push you to go at there pace, not yours. Cause, lets face it, my pace isn't hard to achieve. Oh then those sweet words of, "we're almost done!" were shouted and I gave it my all. Then class was over, I was drenched in sweat, I moved slowly and I felt great! Happy my workout was over and I had the rest of the day. I do have one piece of advice for your first time, apparently when its over and you get into your car, if one of your buttocks hurts, that's completely "normal" and it goes away in 1 1/2 days. You're Welcome! :)

If you live near South Pasadena this is the class I tried out The Cycle Annex I don't remember my instructors name, but I'm gonna call her sweatheart--cause she was sweet and made me sweat.


it's friday!

and Goliath doesn't care...but I sure do. Goliath's inner monologue "big whoop."

Happy Friday Friends, next week I will be reviewing the
 finalist to the Lays Challenge, are you excited?? Yeah me too!
Description of Photo


easter part deux

We just had such a great time on Easter Sunday. I just couldn't resist snapping a few pictures of Ardo before we headed to our second egg hunt. We headed to Oliver and Logans house and had a little hunt for the 3 kiddos. Oliver and Ardo were so funny...there were 1,000 eggs and they kept trying to pick up the same one!
Thankfully with Jerry being gone we haven't had real holidays Easter has been the first and I'm not gonna lie the holidays make our separation a lot harder. I just missed him a little bit more on Easter. I have no fear tho because he will be home in 23 days!
ps did I mention Jerry made me promise I wouldn't tell Ardo he was coming home so it'll be a surprise! Yeah, so it's a "secret." Don't tell him either!
Description of Photo Description of Photo Description of Photo Description of Photo
a ton of Easter eggs around and these two have to go for the same egg!
Description of Photo I wish I could tell you how hard it was getting the three of them in this picture with their faces showing at the same time! Seems simple enough...it wasn't! Description of Photo

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