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(he's got his eye on me)
I've mentioned this before on the blog that our little big guy Goliath sleeps in our bed with us from time to time . Since Jerry has been gone, he now sleeps with me every night. For the most part I love sleeping with him, he's a cuddle bug and its really sweet. However, lately he's been driving me a little crazy!! For the past week Goliath's been waking me up in the middle of the night. Sometimes he can't get comfy, so he walks around the bed trying to find his spot. Only stepping on my ribs two or three times, kinda surprised he hasn't broken one, I mean we're talking 65 pounds. Sometimes he wants to go under the covers and this is how he lets me know, he either nudges my face with his nose, or he stares at me until I wake up with his face maybe an inch away from mine (and yes its scary when I wake up, which I always do). Then sometimes he gets hot and wants out, so again walks all over me to get out. See the trend here. Now, here's my problem...I don't want to stop sleeping with Goliath (I'm waaay to much of a scaredy cat to sleep by myself) but I also want to sleep through the night, the way I see it, there's only one baby in my house that is allowed to wake me from my slumber, and I gave birth to him (so he gets a free pass, usually). Anyone have any advice? Is it possible to get the best of both worlds? Description of Photo
Sidenote:: In case you were wondering about Atticus, he (unlike Goliath) is very polite. He sleeps on the bed too but in the corner, like a good pup!


  1. Let me know when you figure out the secret because my cats wake me up more often than the toddler does!

  2. Does Goliath go out before bed? How close to bedtime does he have dinner? Maybe those could be the culprits?

  3. Your dog is cute! Btw maybe needs some exercise before bedtime to wear him out? So that it makes him really tired and hopefully, he can sleep soundly throughout the night. Hee. :)

  4. When you find out how to make all of this happen, please let me know. My beasties wake me up all the time.


  5. Hi I just found your blog through Life of Bon's sidebar! I am a bulldog owner as well! I love the breed so much and am always looking for other bulldog bloggers. Being a bulldog owner is the best. Constant laughs 24/7 and brings endless happiness:)

    Precious bully! :)



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