my wonderful granny

I mentioned a week and a half ago I lost my sweet loving granny. She was 89, and I sure do miss her. You know what I loved most about my granny...she made me feel very loved. When I (or any of her grandchildren for that matter) walked into her house, her face always lite up with delight. She was always so happy and grateful to see me. For as long as I live, the love that I felt as she saw my face will be with me. Last week we laid my dear old granny to rest. Yes she was 89 and some might consider that old, but she was a hip 89. The last few years of her life she really wanted to be on the "in" of technology. She wanted a cell phone, and an email. I asked her who she would email and she reminded me that it didn't matter, or I could email her. Oh then text messaging, she saw all of us doing it so she demanded to learn, I think I taught her the word "the" and that was enough. She was happy she had one word down. Her funeral was beautiful, my eldest cousin (on my dads side) spoke very eloquently about her, another girl cousin spoke and did something that changed me. She helped me to have the closure I was looking for. See everyone around me was sad but in a way happy for granny. Granny had some health issues and in the end I think she was just tired, she didn't want to continue an unhealthy life anymore. My family reminded she was at peace and no longer in any pain, in a place where this is no sickness. Although I'm happy for granny to be at rest, I still want her here. I know it's selfish but I wasn't ready. I loved her and I wanted her around til 100, til forever. So I honestly thought I would walk around for a long while not having closure, and that's where my cousin comes in. At grannys funeral my cousin gave a very heartfelt speech and at the end she played an audio tape, it was of granny in the last few months of her life and she said I love my great grandchildren, and then she named them all, I was pretty good during the services, but when she named Ardo, I bawled. Being at her funeral made it very real how this was her last hurrah. I think for me as I was sitting there and hearing the funny stories about her, I was reminded how I'll never be able to talk to her again or hear her voice again but my cousin made that possible. What better words could I have heard from granny than hearing her say MY sons name as her last words to me. So a few days later I feel closure, it was grannys time, and as much as I want her here still, she's with gramps and there both at peace and so am I.
So finish this post off a few pics of me and my granny (and a couple with Ardo too) Description of Photo Description of Photo Description of Photo Description of Photo

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