i'm back, you missed me right?

First I have to address all this talk about google reader shutting down! Ugh I'm so sad, I'm mostly sad because I just found it so convenient. I really liked the set up. Sooooo I will be switching to bloglovin. I sure hope you follow me over there. And I'm sure you all know this but just in case you don't, bloglovin will allow you to import all the blogs you follow from your google reader, so they make it really easy! In case you forgot what I looked like because I haven't been here for a week (and a little longer) here's a selfie of me! I realized I hardly post pictures of me on here. So I'm starting a new chapter to include myself on my blog instead of just my family. I hope that doesn't sound vain, I've just decided to change it up, juuuust a little. =)
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