i cant imagine why he's afraid of a 5ft bunny

that's the caption I put on my instagram. On Friday I got Ardo all dressed up and we headed to the mall. Last year I took Ardo for our bunny pictures we went to The Grove, but my only thing about that Bunny is the there is no backdrop so last year Ardos bunny picture was accidentally photobombed. So this year I just decided to go with the good ole mall Bunny. Ardo was sooo cute, he kept waving to the bunny and telling him (or her) "HI" a thousand times. He was also a good sport letting me comb his hair and keeping his bow tie on. Everything was great, riiiiight up until I sat him on his lap, then this happened.... Description of Photo
I would like to report as soon as he hopped off the bunnies lap he blew him/her...kisses and all was well!

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