a flashback on friday

a few years ago, one crisp evening in Pasadena, a couple friends and I met Kathy Griffin. I've been a huge fan of Kathy Griffin for a really long time, honestly since freshman year of high school. I saw one stand up and just thought she was hilarious. I swear when I was younger I thought I might be a stand up comedian
sidenote :: I guess my horrific fear of public speaking put an ax on that, no literally I would throw up before I had to give speeches in class, the ironic thing is I always did really well and was proud of myself after, but anyway, no on the stand up, so I enjoy watching others::
When she wrote her book, my dear friend Christina stood in line at Vromans to get it for us along with a ticket to come back for a book signing. We made a whole night out of it, we met Kathy Griffin and got our books signed, gushed to her for about 20 seconds about what huuuuge fans we were and how much we loved her and how she was our idle, and then went to Christinas house and watched Oprah interview Whitney. It was a good night. Oh and that side braid I'm sporting was courtesy of Marcy, I should do that again.
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  1. Ha ha ha! Look at that guy in the background in picture two! He's posing too. LOL


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