i cant imagine why he's afraid of a 5ft bunny

that's the caption I put on my instagram. On Friday I got Ardo all dressed up and we headed to the mall. Last year I took Ardo for our bunny pictures we went to The Grove, but my only thing about that Bunny is the there is no backdrop so last year Ardos bunny picture was accidentally photobombed. So this year I just decided to go with the good ole mall Bunny. Ardo was sooo cute, he kept waving to the bunny and telling him (or her) "HI" a thousand times. He was also a good sport letting me comb his hair and keeping his bow tie on. Everything was great, riiiiight up until I sat him on his lap, then this happened.... Description of Photo
I would like to report as soon as he hopped off the bunnies lap he blew him/her...kisses and all was well!


a flashback on friday

I can't imagine why my brother isn't smiling.
p.s. Ardo is going today to see Mr. Giant Bunny....we'll see how it goes.

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i cant believe {link up}

I can't believe the countdown for Jerry to come home is at 28 days....I honestly can't wait!
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I can't believe the countdown for Ardo turning 2 is also at 28 days, my baby is a toddler now, I still have a hard time with it, I probably always will.
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I can't believe I was so trendy and went to Sur on Sunday. Stassi (one of the girls on Vanderpump Rules) turned out to be our server and she acted exactly like she did on the show. She threw a fit and everything, in a different setting this probably would have been very unprofessional but since my friends and I are fans, we enjoyed watching.
(is that weird?)
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I can't believe I still slouch, as seen in picture above, I really need to work on my posture!

I can't believe how funny it is when people tell me "happy hump day" on the elevator, STRANGERS! Whoever made that up is a winner!

I'm linking up today with Robin over at The Sunshine Diary today.


approaching two months of no desserts

I honestly didn't know if I could get through 28 days. I purposely chose February to start this self challenge because is the shortest month. I thought it would be easier on me, plus without Jerry home there is no one to give me chocolates for Valentines day, so I didn't have to worry about that.(a first where Jerry not being home actually worked in my favor) Another thing I did was, I didn't tell too many people I wasn't eating desserts. I notice (and please tell me if this happens to you) whenever I tell a few people of something I might be trying to stay away from, its seem they then make it their personal goal to break me. It's kinda funny and kinda crazy all rolled into one. So the first few weeks when it was hardest I didn't tell many people. Then as the weeks went by and the cravings started to subside, I didn't care either way. I initially made February my goal. Well, February 28 came and went, but instead of indulging in amazing creamy chocolate, or a sprinkles cupcake, I decided to do something else....keep it going. It's now March 26 and still no desserts. I went to subway today, ordered my sandwich and at the end when I would be normally be tempted to have a cookie and then give into my craving, I didn't do it and I didn't think twice. When I got in the car, I was so proud of myself. I am trying to convince myself to add soda in April. I have a few days to officially decide. (I like to start challenges in the beginning of the month, its makes it easier to keep track) But so far about two months ain't bad in my book.
sidenote::two blocks away from my office and right in front of the new target they put in downtown LA, which I probably visit twice a week now, they did this...
sprinkles downtown I just try and run by and ignore, like ... what sprinkles?! haha


a flashback on friday

a few years ago, one crisp evening in Pasadena, a couple friends and I met Kathy Griffin. I've been a huge fan of Kathy Griffin for a really long time, honestly since freshman year of high school. I saw one stand up and just thought she was hilarious. I swear when I was younger I thought I might be a stand up comedian
sidenote :: I guess my horrific fear of public speaking put an ax on that, no literally I would throw up before I had to give speeches in class, the ironic thing is I always did really well and was proud of myself after, but anyway, no on the stand up, so I enjoy watching others::
When she wrote her book, my dear friend Christina stood in line at Vromans to get it for us along with a ticket to come back for a book signing. We made a whole night out of it, we met Kathy Griffin and got our books signed, gushed to her for about 20 seconds about what huuuuge fans we were and how much we loved her and how she was our idle, and then went to Christinas house and watched Oprah interview Whitney. It was a good night. Oh and that side braid I'm sporting was courtesy of Marcy, I should do that again.
Happy Friday Friends! Description of Photo Description of Photo


thank you trader joes

best. idea. ever.
The other day I was at trader joe's and I wanted something to munch on, oh and chips and ______ (<-enter yummy dip here) are always at the top of my list. Then I saw this....ding, ding, ding! The ridiculous part is, I could have gathered these ingredients up myself and made guacamole (it's not my first time) but there's something about an already made kit that is a moms dream come true. Oh then when your friend comes over have her make it, actually that's a dream come true! =) Description of Photo Description of Photo Description of Photo Description of Photo


my wonderful granny

I mentioned a week and a half ago I lost my sweet loving granny. She was 89, and I sure do miss her. You know what I loved most about my granny...she made me feel very loved. When I (or any of her grandchildren for that matter) walked into her house, her face always lite up with delight. She was always so happy and grateful to see me. For as long as I live, the love that I felt as she saw my face will be with me. Last week we laid my dear old granny to rest. Yes she was 89 and some might consider that old, but she was a hip 89. The last few years of her life she really wanted to be on the "in" of technology. She wanted a cell phone, and an email. I asked her who she would email and she reminded me that it didn't matter, or I could email her. Oh then text messaging, she saw all of us doing it so she demanded to learn, I think I taught her the word "the" and that was enough. She was happy she had one word down. Her funeral was beautiful, my eldest cousin (on my dads side) spoke very eloquently about her, another girl cousin spoke and did something that changed me. She helped me to have the closure I was looking for. See everyone around me was sad but in a way happy for granny. Granny had some health issues and in the end I think she was just tired, she didn't want to continue an unhealthy life anymore. My family reminded she was at peace and no longer in any pain, in a place where this is no sickness. Although I'm happy for granny to be at rest, I still want her here. I know it's selfish but I wasn't ready. I loved her and I wanted her around til 100, til forever. So I honestly thought I would walk around for a long while not having closure, and that's where my cousin comes in. At grannys funeral my cousin gave a very heartfelt speech and at the end she played an audio tape, it was of granny in the last few months of her life and she said I love my great grandchildren, and then she named them all, I was pretty good during the services, but when she named Ardo, I bawled. Being at her funeral made it very real how this was her last hurrah. I think for me as I was sitting there and hearing the funny stories about her, I was reminded how I'll never be able to talk to her again or hear her voice again but my cousin made that possible. What better words could I have heard from granny than hearing her say MY sons name as her last words to me. So a few days later I feel closure, it was grannys time, and as much as I want her here still, she's with gramps and there both at peace and so am I.
So finish this post off a few pics of me and my granny (and a couple with Ardo too) Description of Photo Description of Photo Description of Photo Description of Photo


i'm back, you missed me right?

First I have to address all this talk about google reader shutting down! Ugh I'm so sad, I'm mostly sad because I just found it so convenient. I really liked the set up. Sooooo I will be switching to bloglovin. I sure hope you follow me over there. And I'm sure you all know this but just in case you don't, bloglovin will allow you to import all the blogs you follow from your google reader, so they make it really easy! In case you forgot what I looked like because I haven't been here for a week (and a little longer) here's a selfie of me! I realized I hardly post pictures of me on here. So I'm starting a new chapter to include myself on my blog instead of just my family. I hope that doesn't sound vain, I've just decided to change it up, juuuust a little. =)
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an unexpected hiatus

A few days ago I lost my granny (the best granny ever). I had a few posts ready to go, but it seems strange having my blog have happy posts when right now I'm not so happy. I will be back next week with a post on my dear old granny and other things, but right now I just need a little time. It's a strange thing this blog world, knowing I didn't have to share this information if I didn't want too but also knowing I want my blog to be real and honest (to an extent), so til next week friends!
I'd like to leave you with one of my favorite pictures of me and my grams.


sleeping with the beast

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(he's got his eye on me)
I've mentioned this before on the blog that our little big guy Goliath sleeps in our bed with us from time to time . Since Jerry has been gone, he now sleeps with me every night. For the most part I love sleeping with him, he's a cuddle bug and its really sweet. However, lately he's been driving me a little crazy!! For the past week Goliath's been waking me up in the middle of the night. Sometimes he can't get comfy, so he walks around the bed trying to find his spot. Only stepping on my ribs two or three times, kinda surprised he hasn't broken one, I mean we're talking 65 pounds. Sometimes he wants to go under the covers and this is how he lets me know, he either nudges my face with his nose, or he stares at me until I wake up with his face maybe an inch away from mine (and yes its scary when I wake up, which I always do). Then sometimes he gets hot and wants out, so again walks all over me to get out. See the trend here. Now, here's my problem...I don't want to stop sleeping with Goliath (I'm waaay to much of a scaredy cat to sleep by myself) but I also want to sleep through the night, the way I see it, there's only one baby in my house that is allowed to wake me from my slumber, and I gave birth to him (so he gets a free pass, usually). Anyone have any advice? Is it possible to get the best of both worlds? Description of Photo
Sidenote:: In case you were wondering about Atticus, he (unlike Goliath) is very polite. He sleeps on the bed too but in the corner, like a good pup!


supporting our logan

Over the weekend we went out to support Logan and his first t-ball of the season. I absolutely love watching little kids play sports, any kind of sports. The misdirection, the determination, the joy they have, its just so innocent. I think I enjoy watching because I know probably within the next year the "fun" can be taken out and the competitive side takes over, probably mostly for parents, but still at that point it becomes a game. A real game. Logans mom was telling me at age 7 they have to "try out" to make the team. Kinda scary for a 7 year old, there still just little boys and girls. So for now we're going to enjoy and root for our little Logan. Ardo is always happy so happy to spend time with Oliver and Logan. :: Funny story:: Oliver fell asleep in his stroller and Ardo was determined to wake him up, when Oli finally woke up, Ardo tried carrying him out, like Oli is such a little baby and Ardo's the big guy. He also tries to feed him every chance he gets. Dang I wish I would have gotten that on tape! Description of Photo
Description of Photo Description of Photo I aspire for Ardo to be able to take a picture like Logan one day. That child poses without missing a beat!


growing up is hard.....for mama

Yesterday, Thursday February 28, 2013, my sweet little Ardo, started preschool WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!(that's how I feel on the inside)
I initially didn't think Ardo would start preschool til 3 years old, but due to some unforeseen circumstances he's had to start a little bit earlier. Luckily my mom knew of someone who had a preschool out of her home and after checking it out last week, I was comfortable. We decided to start yesterday with Ardo going just a few hours and then working up to a few more. He'll be going part time but still, this is the first time Ardo has ever been cared for from someone who is not family. Jerry and I are lucky that both of our families are nearby. So whenever we have needed someone to care for Ardo, either grandma has been available. So for me to leave him with someone who is basically a stranger....well you know, it was tough. I told Ardo over and over "okay buddy, tomorrow...you're going to preschool." I think I was trying to convince myself considering, he didn't know what preschool is. So we woke early, ate breakfast, got dressed and we were off to preschool. I am happy to report his first day went pretty good. I told him bye bye, the teacher took him to play with one of the little boys and there were no tears. Later the teacher reported to me that Ardo did cry a couple times in the few hours he was there buuuut he would easily snap out of it. I'm proud of myself too, and of Ardo, we have many more preschool days to come, I hope they all go as good as this first day!
Description of Photo
Description of Photo Ha! The backpack pictures make me laugh because they hold his diapers and a blankey.

sidenote:: as I press publish on this post today I am happy to report our second went better than our first. we arrived at preschool and the 2 kids that were already there were so happy to see ardo it made him happy too! thank goodness!!

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