story of a journey to petsmart (a rant of sorts)

You know when you try and keep your cool, but you top off on your coolness and just get a little pissed. That happened to me this weekend and of all places, it was at Petsmart.
As I've mentioned many things in our house have changed with Jerry being gone. Grooming the dogs is one of them. Before Jerry left I let him know in the time he was gone I would not be washing or trimming the dogs. I said when it needed to be done I would take them to get groomed. Jerry is very much "I like to do everything myself" kinda guy, which is great, but when it comes to the dogs I opt for the easier route. So Sunday was Atticus' first appointment at Petsmarts. We don't normally go to the big chain pet stores because we have a few locals we like to use. But we decided to just go with Petsmart. Sunday morning Ardo and I wake up eat breakfast I get ready quickly and off to Petsmart we go. We arrive and a Petsmart Associate helps us::
PA: Hi do you have an appointment?
Me: Yes (I tell him Jerrys last name)
PA: hmm hmmm hmmm hmmm
He is literally searching through all the papers. Can't find us. So I start helping him, it might be under Sonya? Or Atticus? Or even Jerry? searching, searching. Asks another associate for help but she couldn't be bothered. Searching, searching FINALLY by some miracle he found us. Just out of curiosity I ask where we were?
PA: Oh under the Sunday appointments?
Me: (long sigh) okaaay
PA: What breed is he?
Me: An Australian Shepard mix
PA: searching...searching...searching
Now he can't find his breed in the system. At this point Im starting to get really irritated. Ardo is insisting on holding Atticus' leash which would be fine but other dogs are in there. Then Ardo is trying to go to the back while the Petsmart Associate is searching for the breed.
PA: UHHH I don't know we just always ask
My patience are starting ware very thin. But he puts us in the system then comes around to check Atticus' coat.
Me: He has a double coat and I know that can be extra but it's fine. Oh and he got his shots yesterday so his leg might be a little sore.
PA: OH HE DID?!? Then we can't do it.
Me: WHAT!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!??! (at this point I lose my ish)
PA: Yeah our policy is to wait 48 hours after they get their shots, it's for your dogs safety. Hold on let me ask my boss
I had been there for 20 minutes, just trying to check in, 20 minutes!
Boss: Sorry ma'am but we can't its our policy and your dog could have a stroke and die as a reaction to the shots
Me: (at this point I lose it and I tell them) First my vet never mentioned anything to me about my dog dying from the shots, sleepy and a little sore yes, death no! Second THIS GUY has taken 20 minutes just to find my information. He couldn't find my appointment then he couldn't find the breed of my dog I have been here for 20 minutes now just checking in and now you're telling me you can't do it!?!?!? 
Everyone is silent.
Boss: Ma'am we are so sorry please bring your dog back tomorrow and we'll figure it out. I don't want you to leave mad.
Me: Fine!

Then I apologize to the PA for yelling at him but I tell him it was a ridiculous amount of time just for them to say they can't take me.
PA: Sorry..................
I don't know if there is a moral to the story,  I do know I feel better getting that out.  I also am probably not taking them back there.  Thanks for reading!
::sidenote I completely understand policies and if it is in Atticus' best interest then of course I understand. I just wish they would have told me that 20 minutes sooner :)::


  1. I've worked with dogs of all breeds. I've also had my fair share of time working at a grooming shop. The only thing I can say is that it does matter what kind of breed it is. This is because each breed has a different type of hair cut style. Now for how they treated you about the wait and such--totally unprofessional! Why couldn't they ask you when you made the appointment? Sorry.

    1. I figured the questions they asked were much needed, its just the wait time that made me a little insane!! Thanks Ana!!


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