its february

For the entire month of February I decided to give up sweets (not all sugar because I know some foods I eat still have sugar in them, but candy, cupcakes, ice cream, all those). I still have those pesky few pounds of pregnancy still latched onto my body for dear life! And these days it's a lot harder for me to WANT to exercise. I don't have much spare time and when Ardo is finally down for the night it's really hard to motivate myself and get out those dvds to workout. Usually I'm doing things around the house that hard to accomplish with a toddler. And sometimes when everything is done, I just want to sit down. I know this might sound like excuses but really sometimes I want to sit and relish in the fact that I am sitting, everything is done, and that's it. However, what doesn't help is sitting and then thinking, "Hey, since I'm sitting here, I should treat myself to ice cream, cookies, a cupcake, chocolate, and ... more chocolate." That is probably what I don't need. I started thinking, wow EVERYDAY I treat myself to something, like EVERYDAY is my birthday. And you know what, it's not. So instead of just complaining about it or telling myself "Oh I'll just run today," I thought no more treats for a whole month, I'm actually hoping to go longer and maybe add other food items, (soda you little devil that I just can't quit) but for now, it's sweets. I actually chose February cause I knew for Valentines Day, I might get a little cray.

Its been 12 days, and yes I'm having a few cravings, by the 10th day, I almost just couldn't take it anymore, but it feels good to know, I'm just saying no. =)
p.s. Is it strange this is the second post this week with no pictures? It kinda is for me!


  1. oh boy, do I hear ya on the last thing you want to do during nap time is work out! You feel like you've been working out all day running around with a toddler!

  2. That is wonderful! I definitely don't have your dedication..I'm a chocoholic! Good for you!

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