a valentine package for daddy

When Jerry lived in Alabama and I was home in Los Angeles I used to send him packages and letters all the time. I feel like there's something special receiving packages in the mail. So now as Valentines Day approaches, I wanted to send Jerry something special. Not everywhere in the United States carry the same products. North Dakota is one of them. Sure Jerry has a Walmart (um, 20 miles away) but they don't have his favorite chips. So I gathered a few things from home packaged them up and sent them over. Plus in 34 degree weather as a high (and that just started, last week it was -12) I think it's nice he won't have to go out, and he can enjoy treats delivered to his door.
In the package:: 1. Limon Lays (my fav too) 2. Tapatio (great on everything!) 3. Heart Shape Reeses 4. Abuelita Chocolate 5. Sleepytime Tea 6. Mug and regular hot chocolate 7. Green Tea
package for daddy
Ardo has been working on something really special for Daddy for the past two weeks. I bought a few canvas' from Michael's a few months back. I wasn't sure what I was going to use them for but I knew they would be useful for something. I thought about buying Jerry a card but but hand made is always a bit sweeter. I brought out the markers and for two weeks Ardo went a little crazy. It was really sweet how much work he put into his drawing. package for daddy
Oh yeah, sometimes he colored his face too!
package for daddy package for daddy
package for daddy


  1. Hi Sonya, just doing some blog hopping. This is such a sweet gesture and cute idea :)

    Happy Early Valentines Day,

    Kali Now Living

  2. I remember the first time Michael did something like this. Steve had been working those ugly early morning shifts at 4am and he had to be up earlier than most to get to work. He was half asleep driving there. One day, Michael and I sat down and made him a card. In it, it said that Michael only had one daddy and we hoped he was being careful. Steve teared up. He ended up taking more precautions to stay awake on the drive.

    I know Jerry is going to love Ardo's masterpiece and display it proudly on his wall.


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