a little powwow

My amazing friend Laura had a 2nd birthday party for her little sweetie on Saturday. And I FORGOT MY CAMERA!!!!! How I did that?? I have no idea! Sometimes I feel like I rush out of the house, (something I need to work on) and things as important as my camera are left behind. If you would like to see more and honestly you totally should because she did such an amazing job you can head over to her instagram.
Something I didn't expect with Jerry being gone is how I was going to have to adjust to going to parties just me and Ardo. When I would go with Jerry he's another set of eyes for me and when its a party for one of my friends, I realized I was able to let loose a little and catch up with friends I haven't seen in awhile. This party was different, my eyes were constantly on Ardo so I wasn't able to engage like I used too. I could feel I wasn't being completely like myself. I would have never forgotten my camera otherwise and I missed out on some great kodak moments. Okay enough of this debbie downer, or I guess Sonya downer?
Laura's sweet daughter Brooke is officially 2 today! Happy Birthday little one!
powwow dessert table powwow headband ::the headband Ardo is wearing was handmade by Laura, she had one for all the little ones who attended her party::

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  1. Hey Sonya. That is one pretty party! Love the gold horse and garland. Happy Birthday to your friend's daughter. Ardo looks super cute with his headband.

    I am already following your blog :) Thank you for stopping by mine



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