whale watching

This weekend we went on a very fun and FREE outing. Every month the air force has an event for the families that home are home while the loved ones are away. This was my first month receiving an email with the monthly outing. I couldn't believe our first outing was whale watching! I haven't been whale watching since I was 10 years old, but I've always wanted to go again. I've been fishing plenty of times in between but whale watching is different and so much more relaxing! I wondered how Ardo would be on the boat, but theres only one way to find out right! Another thing I was hoping for is to meet other moms who were in my same position. So I thought I'd go and hopefully make a friend. Ardo and I packed the night before got up early ate breakfast then off to the whales! I arrived at our meeting place got off the car and honestly walked into a not so friendly circle of woman. I just thought "at least I'm not here alone, I have Ardo with me." Once we boarded the boat tho everything changed, everyone was nice and talkative and wanted to know about me and why I was there and such. One girl and I really hit it off and she has a son almost exactly one month older than Ardo. Ardo and him played and then Ardo punched him (which was really strange because Ardo doesn't generally hit) and the girl and I talked and talked. You know when you think your life is at a difficult point and then someone tells you about there life and you kinda feel like your just complaining? Uh yeah, that's how I felt after talking to my new friend. We exchanged numbers and we're planning a little play date with our boys....exciting for me!
--I have a couple pros and cons of whale watching--
-getting your little one out on a boat
-seeing whales
-spying on dolphins
-little ones seem to have a crazy appetite even when not swimming (I guess just seeing water will do it)whatever gets Ardo to eat is fine by my book
-finding out your toddler does not get motion sick, is always a good thing

-trying to make sure you and your toddler DONT fall overboard
-trying to explain to your child they cannot go swimming with the whales
-trying to not feel embarrassed when your child throws a tantrum after explaining you will not be swimming today
-trying to not hum the theme song to Gilligans Island while you are on a two hour whale watching tour :)
whale watching whale watching whale watching Sorry my whale pictures aren't better, I could see them better than I could take there picture, they were huge and amazing!



cousins at the zoo cousins at the zoo cousins at the zoo
cousins at the zoo
{I think my ponytail threw up}
cousins at the zoo cousins at the zoo cousins at the zoo cousins at the zoo cousins at the zoo On Monday my sister was watching one of our other favorite little guys...Oliver! I brought Ardo over so the two could play and then I had an impulsive idea....instead of staying in on this really pretty day, lets take them to the zoo! I really like hanging out with two little ones because eventho I know it's gonna be different when I have a newborn one day and a 3 year old, anything is still practice. Ardo is a really lucky guy to have so many his age to be able to grow up with and play together, instead of just one friend 2011 was the year of the baby for us.
(Can't say the next for his sibling one day, do you love how I totally have baby fever and talk about his future sibling every chance I get? In case you were wondering I already have a feeling my next boo will be a boy, I don't know why or how I just do. Anyway back to reality)
Now that the boys are getting older its fun watching them play and interact together. Ardo pets Oliver (oops I think he hangs with Goliath too much). Oliver laughs when Ardo is crazy, they take each other cookies, when one cries they both do, you know all the fun stuff. Before we left I wasn't sure how to scroll the two around, I had two strollers and we could take both and each of us wheel on around, or we could rent the zoo stroller. I decided spending the $11 bucks and renting the zoo the stroller would be a lot easier, the boys could easily get in and out and stand up when they wanted to get a closer look and then get right back in when moving on to the next one. Oh and it made taking pictures a cinch! So that's what we did.


ridiculous play outfits

On the weekends if we have no early morning plans Ardo likes to eat breakfast and then go outside and play. We have a very small patio area, but it's just big enough for Ardo to to run around in. Sometimes I don't want to get him dressed because he gets sooo impatient. These days it's been pretty cold so I bundle him up the best I can (or what he will let me) before venturing out. The other day the bundle went something like this. ridiculous little boy outfits Lets see what we have:: A full body fuzzy sleeper, a extra thick hurley sweater, shoe socks (half sock--half shoe, the half shoe part is the rubber sole bottoms), and a little zebra beanie ridiculous little boy outfits ridiculous little boy outfits ridiculous little boy outfits ridiculous little boy outfits


slaters 50/50 and taking pictures at restaurants with big cameras

No not A.C. Slater, Slaters the restaurant. I don't know about you, but I read quite a few blogs. One thing that fascinates me and has, even before I ever started my own blog is the amazing pictures at restaurants...here's why? You know how you can tell the difference between a picture taken with a camera and one taken with your phone, especially blown up. When I started blogging last March, I thought, would I be someone who busted out an extended lens at a restaurant? Would I care? At first I did, I kinda felt a little embarrassed, sure people take pictures of their food all the time but busting out a big camera rather than your phone can feel different, right? But I'm Sonya and I'm a blogger, so deal with it bartenders at Slaters, I'm trying to get a good shot here!! Anyone else feel that way?
Okay so back to Slaters, Mai and I went on a little date on Saturday. It felt really good to get out, without Ardo. Sometimes you just need time, not just sitting at home on the couch but sometimes you just need time out, with friends, to recharge. I had two beers...TWO, and probably 5 or 6 glasses of water. If you haven't been to Slaters, I highly suggest you go, they have this hamburger patty called the 50/50 (that's what they're famous for) it's 50% ground beef, 50% ground bacon and 100% YUM! Oh and get the beer battered jalapenos, if you love tasty with a slight zing (very slight). I wish I had some right now!! Now if only I remembered to take pictures of Mai and I this post would be PERFECT. Oh well, next time! slaters 50/50 slaters 50/50 Description of Photo
They have Turkey Burgers too!
slaters 50/50


my screaming valentine

I know Valentines Day is over and it's Tuesday but I have a few Valentine pics I'd like to share, and one screaming Valentine Pic. Maybe cause he had chocolate? Not sure. Did you have yesterday off of work? I did! Weird thing is whenever I have Mondays off it throws everything off! Don't get me wrong having an extra day is the best, but I wake up Tuesday not knowing what day it is, or what the heck is going on! Enjoy just a few pics til I get my head on straight!
I had a great weekend tho, one I can't wait to share. valentine valentine valentine


a valentine pizza party

For Valentines Day we made little heart shaped pizzas. I've been wanting to do this forever!!!!
Two things::
1. I couldn't believe how easy and fast it was (buying the dough probably had a lot to do with it)
2. Cutting the pepperoni and candian bacon into hearts was a little tedious, I went to 3 different stores before I could find the heart cookie cutter I wanted, but the outcome was really cute and worth it! heart homemade pizza
hearthomemade pizza
heart homemade pizza
heart homemade pizza
heart homemade pizza
heart homemade pizza
Oh yeah then we took pictures outside! One with nina,
heart homemade pizza
and one with nana (whispering sweet nothings in ardo's ear)
 heart homemade pizza
Where's mama's? Yup I forgot!! When will I learn!


a valentine package for daddy

When Jerry lived in Alabama and I was home in Los Angeles I used to send him packages and letters all the time. I feel like there's something special receiving packages in the mail. So now as Valentines Day approaches, I wanted to send Jerry something special. Not everywhere in the United States carry the same products. North Dakota is one of them. Sure Jerry has a Walmart (um, 20 miles away) but they don't have his favorite chips. So I gathered a few things from home packaged them up and sent them over. Plus in 34 degree weather as a high (and that just started, last week it was -12) I think it's nice he won't have to go out, and he can enjoy treats delivered to his door.
In the package:: 1. Limon Lays (my fav too) 2. Tapatio (great on everything!) 3. Heart Shape Reeses 4. Abuelita Chocolate 5. Sleepytime Tea 6. Mug and regular hot chocolate 7. Green Tea
package for daddy
Ardo has been working on something really special for Daddy for the past two weeks. I bought a few canvas' from Michael's a few months back. I wasn't sure what I was going to use them for but I knew they would be useful for something. I thought about buying Jerry a card but but hand made is always a bit sweeter. I brought out the markers and for two weeks Ardo went a little crazy. It was really sweet how much work he put into his drawing. package for daddy
Oh yeah, sometimes he colored his face too!
package for daddy package for daddy
package for daddy


its february

For the entire month of February I decided to give up sweets (not all sugar because I know some foods I eat still have sugar in them, but candy, cupcakes, ice cream, all those). I still have those pesky few pounds of pregnancy still latched onto my body for dear life! And these days it's a lot harder for me to WANT to exercise. I don't have much spare time and when Ardo is finally down for the night it's really hard to motivate myself and get out those dvds to workout. Usually I'm doing things around the house that hard to accomplish with a toddler. And sometimes when everything is done, I just want to sit down. I know this might sound like excuses but really sometimes I want to sit and relish in the fact that I am sitting, everything is done, and that's it. However, what doesn't help is sitting and then thinking, "Hey, since I'm sitting here, I should treat myself to ice cream, cookies, a cupcake, chocolate, and ... more chocolate." That is probably what I don't need. I started thinking, wow EVERYDAY I treat myself to something, like EVERYDAY is my birthday. And you know what, it's not. So instead of just complaining about it or telling myself "Oh I'll just run today," I thought no more treats for a whole month, I'm actually hoping to go longer and maybe add other food items, (soda you little devil that I just can't quit) but for now, it's sweets. I actually chose February cause I knew for Valentines Day, I might get a little cray.

Its been 12 days, and yes I'm having a few cravings, by the 10th day, I almost just couldn't take it anymore, but it feels good to know, I'm just saying no. =)
p.s. Is it strange this is the second post this week with no pictures? It kinda is for me!


story of a journey to petsmart (a rant of sorts)

You know when you try and keep your cool, but you top off on your coolness and just get a little pissed. That happened to me this weekend and of all places, it was at Petsmart.
As I've mentioned many things in our house have changed with Jerry being gone. Grooming the dogs is one of them. Before Jerry left I let him know in the time he was gone I would not be washing or trimming the dogs. I said when it needed to be done I would take them to get groomed. Jerry is very much "I like to do everything myself" kinda guy, which is great, but when it comes to the dogs I opt for the easier route. So Sunday was Atticus' first appointment at Petsmarts. We don't normally go to the big chain pet stores because we have a few locals we like to use. But we decided to just go with Petsmart. Sunday morning Ardo and I wake up eat breakfast I get ready quickly and off to Petsmart we go. We arrive and a Petsmart Associate helps us::
PA: Hi do you have an appointment?
Me: Yes (I tell him Jerrys last name)
PA: hmm hmmm hmmm hmmm
He is literally searching through all the papers. Can't find us. So I start helping him, it might be under Sonya? Or Atticus? Or even Jerry? searching, searching. Asks another associate for help but she couldn't be bothered. Searching, searching FINALLY by some miracle he found us. Just out of curiosity I ask where we were?
PA: Oh under the Sunday appointments?
Me: (long sigh) okaaay
PA: What breed is he?
Me: An Australian Shepard mix
PA: searching...searching...searching
Now he can't find his breed in the system. At this point Im starting to get really irritated. Ardo is insisting on holding Atticus' leash which would be fine but other dogs are in there. Then Ardo is trying to go to the back while the Petsmart Associate is searching for the breed.
PA: UHHH I don't know we just always ask
My patience are starting ware very thin. But he puts us in the system then comes around to check Atticus' coat.
Me: He has a double coat and I know that can be extra but it's fine. Oh and he got his shots yesterday so his leg might be a little sore.
PA: OH HE DID?!? Then we can't do it.
Me: WHAT!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!??! (at this point I lose my ish)
PA: Yeah our policy is to wait 48 hours after they get their shots, it's for your dogs safety. Hold on let me ask my boss
I had been there for 20 minutes, just trying to check in, 20 minutes!
Boss: Sorry ma'am but we can't its our policy and your dog could have a stroke and die as a reaction to the shots
Me: (at this point I lose it and I tell them) First my vet never mentioned anything to me about my dog dying from the shots, sleepy and a little sore yes, death no! Second THIS GUY has taken 20 minutes just to find my information. He couldn't find my appointment then he couldn't find the breed of my dog I have been here for 20 minutes now just checking in and now you're telling me you can't do it!?!?!? 
Everyone is silent.
Boss: Ma'am we are so sorry please bring your dog back tomorrow and we'll figure it out. I don't want you to leave mad.
Me: Fine!

Then I apologize to the PA for yelling at him but I tell him it was a ridiculous amount of time just for them to say they can't take me.
PA: Sorry..................
I don't know if there is a moral to the story,  I do know I feel better getting that out.  I also am probably not taking them back there.  Thanks for reading!
::sidenote I completely understand policies and if it is in Atticus' best interest then of course I understand. I just wish they would have told me that 20 minutes sooner :)::


a little flashback on friday

Sometimes I wish I would have started this blog as soon as I found out I was pregnant. Or even before that, maybe when I journeyed off to Alabama? Since I did neither of those I like to share a little "flashbacks" sometimes. It's not really a flash back because it was only 11 months ago (but still).
Ardo and the beast bonding!


toddler flashings

Ardo has been randomly flashing lately. As of right now, it's hilarious! The other day we went to the petting zoo. Its not the greatest petting zoo but Ardo absolutely loves it. They have a nice little pony ride and Ardo enjoys most of that. Okay now to the flashing, we were at the donkeys and Ardo was very intrigued, he had a short staring contest with him and then flashed him. I was cracking up because it seemed so deliberate. I pictured his inner monologue to be "what's up donkey, FLASH!" Beware, hes about to flash you! {side note::I know flashing for toddlers is only funny for a short while and we instruct him to put down his shirt} kitchen aid giveaway kitchen aid giveaway kitchen aid giveaway kitchen aid giveaway kitchen aid giveaway
Donkeys like, "is that toddler flashing me?"


i really want to win

Do you guys enter a lot of giveaways? Little Chief Honeybee is having an amazing giveaway right now and I really, really want to win. I'm reposting this so I can have as many chances to win this kitchen aid. Isn't it pretty, folks? kitchen aid giveaway p.s. I was ONCE a lucky winner (scroll down to day 7), and let me tell you, it was a thrill and I still use those cleaning products. =)
Wish me luck!


a little powwow

My amazing friend Laura had a 2nd birthday party for her little sweetie on Saturday. And I FORGOT MY CAMERA!!!!! How I did that?? I have no idea! Sometimes I feel like I rush out of the house, (something I need to work on) and things as important as my camera are left behind. If you would like to see more and honestly you totally should because she did such an amazing job you can head over to her instagram.
Something I didn't expect with Jerry being gone is how I was going to have to adjust to going to parties just me and Ardo. When I would go with Jerry he's another set of eyes for me and when its a party for one of my friends, I realized I was able to let loose a little and catch up with friends I haven't seen in awhile. This party was different, my eyes were constantly on Ardo so I wasn't able to engage like I used too. I could feel I wasn't being completely like myself. I would have never forgotten my camera otherwise and I missed out on some great kodak moments. Okay enough of this debbie downer, or I guess Sonya downer?
Laura's sweet daughter Brooke is officially 2 today! Happy Birthday little one!
powwow dessert table powwow headband ::the headband Ardo is wearing was handmade by Laura, she had one for all the little ones who attended her party::

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