the third week and I've already broken my resolution

So a few things have been going on in our little apartment. Ardo got what was seemingly a small cold. No biggie. I've been very lucky and Ardo really doesn't get sick too often. Except when he does get sick, they seem to be the WORSE OF THE WORSE!! On Tuesday Ardo began coughing and for 3 days he couldn't seem to shake it, in fact it was getting worse. By Friday Jerry and I took him to urgent care, Friday he was REALLY sick, he had a temperature, he was barely eating and of course that cough. The urgent care Dr informs us his little cold has turned into Bronchitis! I'm floored, I've never even had bronchitis before. Saturday night was one of the hardest nights we've had with Ardo in a very long time. He was up crying and MISERABLE! Jerry had to be at the airport and we were leaving at 4:45am. I was worried about waking up Ardo and how everything would work but Ardo wound up staying up from 2am to when we had to leave. I felt so bad for Ardo, he was congested and couldn't sleep, but I kinda felt worse for Jerry. It was a bad way to send him off. I just wanted us to cuddle all night, if Ardo wanted to cuddle too that would be even better, but instead we wound up just praying to get an hour of consecutive sleep. I am happy to report that Ardo is now back to normal. His Bronchitis has completely cleared up and he's a happy little boo again. I'm one tired mama but that's for another post....this week.
ps 3 weeks into January, and I've already broken my new years resolution, I didn't post 3 times last week like I wanted too. UGH!! But I kinda have a good excuse?? Okay no excuses, I'm not going to let my whole resolution go to hell in a hand basket tho, I will recover and take it from here.

A little picture of me and Ardo, at Urgent Care, my poor little guy.


  1. His little face brings tears to my eyes. I'm glad you were able give comfort to Ardo. Poor baby. You missing blogging isnt an excuse, you were being a mom and that comes first. I'm glad that Ardo is back on track.

    1. Thanks! I felt so bad for him. The antibiotics really helped and now hes back to normal acting crazy!!


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