the eve of christmas

Like some of our other holidays, Christmas Jerry's family and my family get together as ONE family. I've touched on this before how nice it is but whenever there are holidays I'm reminded once again two families together as one. I would like to be able to write that Ardo had a modest Christmas, but truthfully, when you have a large family and only one grandchild, that's a hard task to accomplish. I told both my mom and Jerry's mom not to go crazy and Ardo didn't need to much, but basically that goes in one ear out the other. I'm always so grateful but I think we could really use another apartment, one to live in and one for Ardo's toys.

Ardo had a scream-fest Christmas Eve, I wish I would have taken video, he was the happiest little elf. For his outfit of choice, sometime in November Old Navy had both Elf and Santa pjs, I thought they were the sweetest thing, so instead of dressing Ardo up in Sunday best for Christmas, we decided to take him very comfortable and ready for bed. Our little elf, our sweet little elf.

Sidenote :: Every year we play white elephant, but boy did we step it up this year. Not one gift that someone unwrapped did I not "should I steal it??". I can't wait to share what I stole.....from my mom! haha ::

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