starting christmas, eventho it's over :(

Christmas was as fun as I imagined this year, Ardo had a great time opening his gifts. He allllmost had as much fun as I did when he opened his clothes. (Little guy got a whole new wardrobe! This mama couldn't be more grateful.) I'm a dummy, I've been busy lately with the holidays and I feel like I just haven't had time to sit down and write, but I've wanting to blog for DAYS! I feel so behind the times. I like to blog in order, so I'm going to start with Ardos Santa picture. Uh he didn't appreciate Santa this year as much as he did last year.

Description of Photo

I sat Ardo down quickly, stood back and yelled at the photographer, "TAKE IT, TAKE IT!" To be totally honest, I think crying Santa pictures are endearing. Not in a mean way but the tears all for a quick picture with a man who really could be just someone grandpa is funny to me, I'm not alone right? Hope not :)

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