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Last week on a Saturday night Jerry and I went out...JUST THE TWO OF US!! Jerry is going to be doing a lot of traveling for the next several months so before it starts we decided to have a date night. Truth is we haven't had a date night in a really long time. We do go out sometimes without Ardo, or we have people come over when Ardo is asleep but we always seem to be with other people. It's very rare we go out just him and I. Saturday night we dropped of Ardo with Jerrys mom and headed off to Lawrys. If you live in Los Angeles, then you Lawrys is no joke when it comes to deliciousness. OH that cream corn...TO DIE FOR!! I got dressed up, I had a glass of wine (because I was classy and didn't go for a beer), and we just talked. Once we got to our table, I almost forgot about everything else. Usually I'm worried about Ardo or worried about anything else, but I really savored the moment. Jerry and I talked about our future, about love, the conversation just kept flowing. Our future is very important and we touched on things we hadn't discussed before. Being a military family, many factors come into play. We might have to move one day, or Jerry could be deployed, the possibilities are endless. So we discussed our plan and what will work for us. In between all the conversation there was that delicious amazing, prime rib. Oh that Jeromes (I call him that sometimes for fun) I really love that guy. He's the ying to my yang.

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  1. What a great date night! You both are adorable, and that dessert looks delicious!
    xo TJ

    1. Thanks! Last date for awhile and totally worth it!


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