an afternoon in hollywood {exploring my city}

I'm born and raised in Los Angeles County. I live 15 mins from Hollywood. I NEVER GO THERE. Cause you know, what for? Everything I need is in my own city. When I was in high school my friends and I would eat in Hollywood and then just drive around "actin cool". Then at 21 we went to bars and some clubs in Hollywood for fun (hello, club beat it). When I moved to Alabama, for a short time while Jerry was stationed there, everytime someone asked me where I was from I would say Los Angeles. If I said the which city of course no one would know but Los Angeles is pretty broad. Of course the next question is, ever see any movie stars? The answer actually is yes, I've seen famous people, but NOT in Hollywood. Beverly Hills, Malibu places like that, walking down Hollywood Blvd the only famous people you'll see is the impersonators. I've been thinking of starting a new series on blog called exploring my city. I thought this would be fun because there are restaurants and just places I've passed by a million times but have never gone in. With Jerry gone and me having some time on my hands (kinda) I thought this would be the perfect time. So {exploring my city} was born. The first exploration is Hollywood Blvd. This was a shorter trip, but nonetheless eventful.
I have a little cousin who lives in Colorado and her class is doing a project. They made paper dolls and sent them to relatives to have the relatives take the dolls on an adventure. So two birds with one stone, I took mine to Hollywood. Oh Hollywood, when I was a little girl everytime a new Disney movie came out we all went to the El Capitan to watch it. Memories like that I feel so lucky to have. So we trekked down to Hollywood on Sunday morning. First there was a thousand people there, but we made the best of it. I felt like such a tourist with my nikon around my neck.
1. weather was a perfect 80 degress
2. found a new sweater while Ardo was a perfect angel in the store
3. Mel's diner yummmmm
4. oh and we saw this homeless man trying to pick the lock at the Jimmy Kimmel studio and his pants were down exposing his butt. That was interesting. I work in downtown Los Angeles, so you know....whateves. (man not pictured)
and 5. After our adventure we treated ourselves to Sprinkles. Cause you know, why not.

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Someone likes Penelope Cruz
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Description of Photo One thing I have fulfilled is my resolution to add more color in my life. All black is out (well not all the time I mean sometimes its a must) but I'm really enjoying these splashes of color!
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  1. Super cute pics!! I cracked up at your photo/caption of L.Lohan- she really does look terrified!!

    I've been trying to do better about not wearing as much black,white and gray too!!

  2. I'm from South Africa, so its pretty cool to see your pics of Hollywood ;) Love your pics and start the series about your city, I would love to see more. I've been trying to add color to my wardrobe too. I recently bought me colored skinny jeans :)

    Have a lovely week

  3. You're little boy is TO DIE FOR. That shrek picture is insane.

    1. Thank you so much!! He was pretty excited about Shrek!


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