new years eve

I'm so excited because we are having a pajama New Years Eve party.
This year I wanted two things.
1. I wanted to let Ardo stay up as long as he wanted.
2. I wanted a low key night.
Jerry's mom sent us a text asking if we wanted to join them for a pajama party. I immediately said yes and there you have it. Pajama party tonight.

I don't know how I feel about leaving 2013 behind. I know the losses I experienced this year was probably the hardest of my entire life. My Granny, whom I miss everyday. The only difference with my granny is she lived a long life. I was able to enjoy her so much of my adult life that I'll forever be grateful. She was able to have a relationship with Ardo and seeing my granny as a great grandma was so fulfilling. My boss Vern (whom I lost suddenly in April) was much different. I'm still trying little by little to be okay with the thought that you could wish someone a goodbye on a Friday and tell them you'll see them Monday but you never see them again. Even writing those thoughts out I can't help but feel sad and a little mad on how unexpected life can be. And how the only thing you can do is move forward because...what choice do you have? 2013 was also the year that Jerry and I were separated for the first time. Remember those 6 months he spent in North Dakota?!?! That feels like a lifetime ago.

2013 had some great points too.
Jerry and I got married in our gorgeous Mexican Fiesta August wedding. Married life I have to say is exactly the same as before we said our I do's. I still yell at him when he doesn't take out the trash. I will say tho that nothing feels better than calling him my husband. Not baby-daddy, not fiancee, Husband is so very official.
My moms health is top notch and we love that lady so that's really important. Jerry and I are hoping to expand our family in 2014 and our little Ardo really wants a baby. He doesn't quite understand what it all means and that once I have a baby they will stay with us forever and ever, but he just knows he wants a baby.
All in all, I'm happy. So come on 2014 we're ready for you! Description of Photo A little grainy family selfie, but I love this picture. We're all tired and all happy!
Happy New Year!



For Christmas every year we pick names with Jerry's family. It's a seeeecret, well it's supposed to be, but sometimes you need a little help and have to let the secret out. This year I had Jerry's cousin Olivia, I actually had her two years ago too. Anyway this year Olivia told me she wanted pajamas and slippers. I sent her a text and said "someone" wanted to know what was on her list. I just didn't tell her I was that someone. When my name was called to open my gift this year they asked for Mai and I to open our gifts together. Abel is Olivia's husband and Abel had gotten Mai and Olivia had gotten me. So Mai and I sat in the middle of the living room and opened our gifts. To my PLEASANT-AWESOME surprise, inside our bags were Laker hats along with a Laker ticket for each of us! I was over the moon excited! Then Olivia told us she was going too--whooohooo!! A girls night out to a Laker game!
So next Friday, I'll be chowing down on some nachos watching the game. I'm bummed that Kobe is out (a-freakin-gain!) but I'm still going to enjoy myself. Woot Woot Laker game here I come!
Description of Photo Description of Photo p.s. I may be just a little too excited in these pictures but...whatever I was super excited!
p.s.s. My head is so big the hat barely fit me. I used to joke that I had an enormous head but I really do. Maybe its cause my brain is so huge and filled with knowledge and secrets??
mmmm, I'm gonna go with my theory. :)


he got himself a tree

Sometimes when you're two years old, you have to strap a little ole tree to your car and take it for a spin! We took these pictures of Ardo and I just loooove them! I'm kicking myself for not making a xmas card out of them, last year I made two when I couldn't decide on the pictures. We saw this idea on pinterest (of course) and decided to make our own version. (our own as in we used our child) I'm so glad we did, and I'm thankful Ardo was in a great mood that day! Description of Photo Description of Photo Description of Photo
 photo a540f335-7b83-4b7f-a40a-1e6ef21657c1.jpg photo 365d94e7-57b5-48e2-b2dd-8beb696f30ce.jpg
 photo ed255b55-cba8-440a-9c53-18bdb337be0a.jpg photo 92ebb7a7-e0f6-4c73-a112-fbdcaad39fd6.jpg
Description of Photo Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!



This year when we had our Christmas pictures taken Ardo was such a BUTTHEAD!! First off Ardo no longer naps. Yes I know, it's terrible and I don't mind letting them "cry it out" but for naps, I just don't think it's worth the stress. If he was 6 months I might feel differently (in fact I did) but at 2 1/2 I'm okay with letting him stay up. Ardo will always take naps in the car and it normally works fine for us. The Saturday we chose to take our pictures Ardo did just that. We decided to meet up at 3pm, we left our house a few minutes before 2pm. Before we were even out of the driveway Ardo was asleep. The drive was going to take at least 30-45 minutes and normally this is fine for him. He usually wakes up refreshed and ready to play or just ready to be awake. But of course on the Saturday we had our pictures taken he decided to wake up and be a crab. A BUTTHEAD CRAB! Normally he won't act crabby around other people, he knows the difference between how he can act with Jerry and I and how he acts around others, but Saturday he could have cared less who the heck was around, it was butthead time in full force. Ardo didn't want to sit with us, he didn't want to smile, he didn't want to walk, he only wanted to be carried and that was it. The first 20 minutes I was very patient, I kept telling myself it wasn't his fault and that he just needed some time to warm up. I kept telling myself that over and over again, hoping he would snap out of it. He didn't. Jerry brought 3 "secret weapons" which are so secret I can't tell you....just kidding its just lollipops, dum dums to be exact. After 20 minutes Jerry decided it was dum dum time. He ate the dum dum and then went right back to being in a bad mood. It bummed me out a bit because the past two years we have taken our Christmas pictures he has been an angel. I guess we can't win them all. Thankfully Terri is such an amazing photographer and was still able to capture some good ones. I won't be sharing our actual Christmas card til after I send them out but plan on framing a few of these pictures for my mom as part of her Christmas gifts. My mom is so easy, pictures in a frame and she's as happy as a clam!
ps I don't normally refer to Ardo as a butthead because normally he's really sweet and cooperates and we get a few smiles and it's great. This particular day I just couldn't think of another word to describe the attitude. Some may say toddlerhood but I like to narrow it down! Description of Photo Description of Photo Description of Photo Description of Photo enjoying his dum dum Description of Photo and flying in the air


gingerbread decorating

Description of Photo Every year we get together with my aunt and cousins for a little gingerbread men decorating. (I guess they could be gingerbread ladies too!) This year we knew it was going to be even more fun because Ardo is now 2.5 and can I just say I absolutely love this age. He talks up a storm, he has opinions (he's not super forceful tho, he's a lot more passive. )on what he wants to eat, wear, if he wants to give hugs or kisses. I think every stage is precious but having a conversation with a 2 1/2 year old is just fun. This year we explained to him that he was going to decorate gingerbread men, and he was going to put candy and frosting on them and then after maybe we could eat them. He decorated really well, but every couple minutes he sneaking that candy! Description of Photo Description of Photo Description of Photo Oliver decided it was time to take a break from decorating and eat the frosting. Description of Photo I'm thinking next year we could also make gingerbread houses, hopefully Ardo won't eat the walls and roof tho before we have a chance to decorate!



Sometimes I'll come across new recipes that are healthy, easy, and seem like they'll be great! This happened last Sunday morning. Last Sunday was a busy day, Jerry had to do some volunteer work with the Red Cross so our morning was a little rushed. I asked him to go to the market because I really wanted to try a banana-egg pancake recipe I'd seen on pinterest (I'm not going to link it cause....well you'll see). So being a nice husband he went to the market and picked me up some bacon and ripe bananas. I followed the recipe and used two eggs and one large banana. Then I cooked it like a regular pancake and started taking a few pictures thinking "oh I should blog about this." But after I made the first one, I tasted it.........okay why the girl on pinterest assured me these "pancakes" were delicious? I have no idea. They weren't!! They were god awful!! You know when you taste something and its just missing all the really good ingredients? Yeah that's what this was. I made a couple more thinking maybe I just have to get used to it. NO! Disgusting! Here's the thing, a few weeks ago I started weight watchers. I really want to get my body to my prepregnancy weight before I have another baby. It might sound silly to some, but to me, it's something that definitely makes me feel good, to eat right and exercise and maintain my body goals. So to eat something like banana pancakes made out of bananas, I was using very little points and I could eat a few slices of bacon. Well it didn't turn out that way, I put a little syrup on the pancakes, but no no no, just gross. I ended up just eating two slices of bacon and called it a morning. I would have had 3 but Ardo snagged one. I called my sister and she said she had tried them a few weeks ago and they were gross too, we usually talk about everything but she kept the not so tasty pankcakes to herself. She said she also felt deceived because after the youtuber made the pancakes she ate them like they were the best things ever....apparently that youtuber was an actrees.
Lesson learned One:: not everything that has fewer calories or is an alternative will taste good. Two :: always have a back up breakfast! Description of Photo ^^^seem decent, but no^^^


old navy on thanksgiving

Description of Photo I haven't gone black Friday shopping in a really really long time. I just never need anything that badly where I want to stand in line all day and night and leave my family for a deal. I also can't stand the crowds or the parking. This Thanksgiving felt very low key. Jerry's dad had knee surgery on Monday so we all went to Jerry's family's house and ate our turkey. It's so nice because my family comes too so theres no cutting it short and having to go to two places. One house and we eat til we're stuffed.
Want to know a secret? I don't like turkey, this is the 4th Thanksgiving that's come and gone and I don't have turkey. I love everything else but I'm a ham girl. I love all the sides tho (who doesn't) but turkey has just never been my thing.
In the past few days, I've been visiting Old Navy a loooot. We had our Christmas pictures taken over the weekend and I just couldn't decide what I wanted Ardo to wear. While I was there I couldn't help but browse and found gifts too. I saw that Old Navy was opening at 7 on Thanksgiving night. I thought to myself maybe I should go. But if I went I wanted a plan. First I wanted to get a ride instead of hasseling the parking, my mom said she would take my sisters and me. Next my sisters and I figured out exactly what we were looking for and who was in charge of what. Oh then I made a cheer that my sister Marcy REFUSED to do with me! Thankfully I have another sister. About 5pm we left Jerrys parents house and headed to Citadel (Citadel is a local shopping center that used to have nothing but outlets and crazy deals, but now they're more just a outdoor mall, but they do have a great food court). We originally were going to get dropped off but when my mom went into the parking area she found row parking so my mom decided to stay with us. We went straight to Old Navy and lined up. We were the 6th person in line and had to wait about an hour and a half. They had a DJ going and when we arrived Citadel was empty. We could see the workers inside Old Navy, they must have had about 3 group talks in the time we waited. At 6:50pm all the Old Navy employees lined up in the entrance, they opened the doors and the first 50 people went in cheering and high fiving, the workers were clapping, it was cheesy and hilarious all at the same time. There was no fighting over the last anything, no one was trampled or got kicked. Everyone just shopped and at 50% off I got a ton of loot! Great food and great deals! Yes! While I was shopping I was so grateful for Jerry, he's a great father, if I had to take Ardo with me, I would never have gone. That's so unfair for a toddler to be expected to fights the crowds at bedtime. I saw a few too many toddlers out some throwing tantrums and I did feel bad for them. It made me so grateful I have a wonderful husband at home who doesn't mind nighttime duties while his wife shops...on Thanksgiving. :) Description of Photo



I really wanted to beat the crowd this year for Santa pictures. So before Thanksgiving I took Ardo to take his pictures. We went to the mall a couple days before and Ardo saw Santa. He was waving to him, saying hi and seemed very interested. Because he's talking so much more and he really understands, I talked to him after we saw Santa and asked him if he wanted to take his picture. He said yes and then I told him, "no crying, just sit on his lap and say cheese." Again he agreed. So the day of came and we headed to the mall with my sister Marcy. The whole car ride he told me he was going to say cheese. Since basically no one was taking their pictures with Santa we got in line and there was only one kid ahead of us. I'm guessing this boy was maybe 3 going on 4. His mom asked if he was ready and he threw the biggest fit! I felt bad for him but all I could think of was..."nooo I don't want Ardo to see this!" After a couple minutes the mom said "okay forget it" and they moved on. Now it was us, I told Ardo Henry could go with him and we gave Santa a high five, then I told the girl taking the pictures as soon as Ardo sat down SNAP AWAY! I sat Ardo down right next to Santa and he did this....... Description of Photo Soooooo his plan of smiling went straight out the window. I have a feeling, unless Ardo has a sibling next year, this might be his last Santa picture. Okay this is what I don't understand about Santa pictures, Santa is an actual person. That beard that old man has is very real! Santa himself is a real man just dressed in red. The Easter bunny I get, that's a giant bunny, but Santa? When Ardo sees this picture of himself at home he has a good laugh and then says "Santa, I cry."
Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


connie & ted's

Description of Photo Description of Photo Thursday we celebrated Oscar's birthday just a little bit early. Christina usually decides on our restaurants. Oscar and I never have a problem with that because Christina is freaking awesome at restaurant picking. She's a yelp elite so she knows what's up. She chose Connie & Ted's We had to make the reservations a couple weeks in advance because Connie & Ted's gets booked fast. For two weeks I waited and literally salivated over the pictures of that lobster roll. Then Thursday came and I couldn't wait. We ordered like bosses and I used up almost all my cheat points for the week...but man was it worth it. I'm not just saying that either, the lobster roll was as amazing as I imagined. Another great thing about Connie & Ted's was the atmosphere. Our server was so attentive and funny and helped us order. I love that, when a server knows what he's doing and seems to love his job. We ordered family style because I swear it's the best way to eat, get a little bit of everything. First things first, had to get our beers and Christinas water (with ice, she was crazy) Description of Photo Appetizers of 3 clam chowders from left to right:: Rhode Island, New England and Manhattan. I'm partial to New England but they were all so so good. I loved having a taste of each. Description of Photo Angels on horseback. Oysters wrapped in bacon. Description of Photo Calamari under all that arugula. Description of Photo Christina and Oscar shared the fish with spinach and bacon. I didn't feel like fish so I just ate some brussels sprouts. Description of Photo Description of Photo Aaaaaand the lobster roll, two pictures because it was that good. Description of Photo Description of Photo Our birthday boy :: today is his actual birthday!
 photo 82ac6ba5-4a1c-4167-a721-0c157dec285e.jpg photo 3a9128e6-6868-42bf-aafb-cc44a0801f8e.jpg


I hate those weeks when I feel I have nothing to blog about, or I have stories but no pictures to 
accompany those stories. Ever have those weeks when its just an off blogging week? Especially when the week before you were excited to get a few things out there. Oh weeks like this are the pits! Tomorrow I'm going to a nice little restaurant in celebration of Oscar's birthday. I've never been to the restaurant but I'm already salivating over the lobster sandwich. Sometimes I wish blogger had emojis so I could put a picture of a lobster at the end :).


dessert table

Description of Photo As I didn't share as much of my wedding here on the blog as I had originally hoped (but I kinda explained with this post) there are a couple of things I'd still really like to share, mainly because I love them so very much.
The first of which is my dessert table. I looked all over pinterest for inspiration when it came to my dessert table. I knew I wanted all kinds of different mexican desserts. I wanted everything to fit into the theme. So Pan Dulce was the only way to go. I chose my absolute favorite bakery El Gallo that I've been going to since I was a kid. I really wanted mini pan dulce and because I was ordering sooo many, they had no problem making them for me. I know some people are crazy for wedding cake, but me...not so much. I notice sometimes at parties with cake, a lot gets wasted. Mini desserts seem to go over well because people can have just a taste and they are satisfied. I did want one dessert that didn't necessarily fit our theme, but I couldn't do without. Mini cupcakes! I really wanted a churro flavored cupcake. I went to a few different bakeries, but for some reason they all seemed so dry. I turned to Sprinkles and they have a cinnamon sugar cupcake, one bite and I was in heaven! SIDENOTE: I chose a blue donkey candy for the cinnamon sugar and I just want to warn you the candy will leave your entire mouth completely BLUE! I was a bride walking around with a blue month for at least an hour!
Description of Photo Description of Photo
Laura decorated her cake stands and she had a wonderful vision for the background...as many papel picado flags as she could. The desk/dresser our desserts are on actually belong to Jerry's parents. They had used it forever as a TV stand, but I saw such potential. We painted it yellow and when Laura saw it, she said it was perfect! Our cake toppers was one of my favorite things (it's to hard to pick a favorite, because I loved our dessert table to much) as I've said here time and time again I am a pig collector and just all around pig lover. I always knew I wanted pig wedding cake toppers for my wedding. When it came down to finding the perfect ones, I of course turned to etsy. I immediately found the perfect style that went with our fiesta themed wedding. We decided on these little guys from HeartShaped Creations. Maria was pleasure to work with, responded so quickly to my emails and just really wanted to make whatever vision I had. I customized the color and instead of a top hat Maria made the boy pig with a little sombrero. It was absolutely PERFECT! They are sitting in our kitchen right now and I honestly hope I can keep them forever.
Laura honestly made my dessert dreams come true, I had no idea how should put everything together and when I arrived at my reception, I couldn't believe what an incredible job she had done...I love that girl! Description of Photo


cooking with friends

Description of Photo Every few weeks or so a few friends of mine and I try to get together. Sometimes we go longer cause....well there's that pesky life that gets in the way. A few days ago we were all able to get together at Oscar's new condo. I know I'm 29 and I'm married and have a son, but whenever we do things like this I have two very opposite feelings.
1. I feel very adult.
2. It's like high school all over again. I have a feeling it's because inside jokes from 14 years ago start coming up, and alas I'm right back in 2000, except this time when were drinking wine, it's totally fine. (also back in 2000 I was drinking those little jack daniels wine coolers? um yeah I was classy)
We made a very healthy dinner. Salmon, brown rice and veggies and a little steak for Christina. We had a few glasses of wine but mostly just sat and talked and talked and then when we were bored with talking, we talked some more. Oscar drizzled a little honey on our sweet potatoes....mmmmm the best!
Anytime I hang out with friends I'm reminded of how valuable relationships can be. At my age I can honestly say I don't have thaaat many friends. I can also say the friends I do have I cherish 100%. I like the feeling of not being spread too thin. Of knowing I have a handful (or two) of people who really know me and love me for me and who I am becoming. I like knowing some of these girls I used to get craaaazy drunk with and now we exchange poop stories, or they listen to my poop stories and we can always find a way to relate to each other on some level, and for that I am grateful.
Oscar our hard chef at work...we were supposed to be helping but um....oops! Description of Photo Description of Photo p.s. I know this is a lot of food posts but I guess I just eat a whoooole damn lot! :)


a little picnic

Description of Photo Sandwiches are by far my number 1 favorite food of all time. When togo's reached out to me and asked if I'd like to sample their seasonal Toasted Dips sandwich, I leaped at the chance. We have a togo's less than a mile from house. We visit at least twice a month. I know some people would say you can make a sandwich at home, but there is no way possible I could ever make a turkey avocado like they do, just not possible! Back to the Toasted Dips, right now togo's has two different kinds, a roast beef toasted dip and a triple toasted dip, and yes the triple dip is as big as it sounds. We had perfect weather for a picnic.

roast beef, melted provolone and a little horseradish mayo.
(I normally don't like horseradish but just a dash was more than enough)
Description of Photo
triple toasted dip - turkey, roast beef, pastrami, melted provolone and horseradish mayo.
The pastrami really added that extra umph! Description of Photo Um, don't mind me I'm just eating and enjoying! Description of Photo Jerry couldn't be bothered either. We barely spoke the entire time, we just ate-ate-ate. Description of Photo Ardo was more interested in what Jerry had in his drink cup! Description of Photo Then he stood by a tree and said cheese! Description of Photo After we ate we let Ardo play at the playground, he decided he wanted to become one with the sand, so we let him!

This was a sponsored post by togo's. The opinions of this post are completely my own. It's also 100% true how crazy I am about sandwiches.

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