was a stay in your pj's as long as possible and just put some cookies in the oven kinda day. I have a confession to make, for the past 5 weeks Jerry and I have missed Dexter! This is what happened :: one Sunday, Jerry and I sadly missed Dexter so we said oh next week we'll watch both. Then the next week came and we missed it again, so 5 weeks later it was a Friday night and the finale had just aired, so I told Jerry I can't take it anymore we gotta watch! Last night we had a little Dexter marathon, omg it was soooo worth it. THE END!! I mean never in a million years would I have seen that coming. Only problem was the last episode ended at 2am. Ardo woke up at 6:30am. Needless to say I dragged a big part of the morning. While Ardo was napping, I thought I wanna bake something, then I remembered the cookie mix we had in our fridge and yumminess was born.

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Then Ardo got in a box and started screaming. His favorite thing. It was a good day.
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  1. they look delicious! they will definitely fall into my cart during our next grocery trip! haha :]


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