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(sorry the picture isn't super clear, but it was the best out of the bunch) 

This happened. I went to a No Doubt concert. Backstory:: I've loved No Doubt since I was a young teen. I'm going to say 13 but don't quote me. 13 feels like the right age tho. All throughout high school a couple of friends and I saw them in concert 5 times. YES 5. For being in high school and having no job, that's a lot. The 5th time was senior year and it would be my last time for 10 years. When their newest album came out in September (on the 25th, my birthday) I thought I have to see them when they tour. Thanks to my good friend Amy, and her lightening fast clicks, we got tickets. The concert was at the Gibson Amphitheater at Universal. If you've never been to the Gibson, let me explain. The Gibson is a very small venue compared to the others here in Los Angeles. The times before when I had seen no doubt it was almost always at the Hollywood Bowl, which hold in the upwards of 18,000. The Gibson holds about 6,000. You get the idea. I had been there one other time when I saw Kathy Griffins stand up act, but I'd never been there for a concert. I was blown away. So intimate, so amazing. The energy in the room was filled with excitement. Gwen Stefani even read some of the signs people held up. That's how close everything was. She also called one girl on stage who got pictures and hugs from everyone...lucky! This concert was different, listening to there music live reminded me how grown up I am. What a difference these 10 years have made, how far I've come as a girl, a woman, a mother, a wife (soon to be). It may sound like a little much but I was just overcome by my feelings. Another factor to my feelings is I kept thinking this will probably be the last time I see them in concert, if not EVER, in a really, really, really long time. Jerry and I are having our wedding next year (if all goes well), we want to have another baby, I just have this feeling. But man, if that's it, what a way to go!


  1. I love No Doubt! I remember seeing them about two or so years ago. They are indeed amazing on stage. So much fun :)

    1. Aren't they tho. I'm so happy I was able to see them again.

  2. Oh, so jealous! I've loved No Doubt for a while! She is just too cute with the perfect family! I'm sure the whole thing was just amazing!
    xo TJ

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  4. I had so much fun! Best concert Ever!


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