At 19 months we decided Ardo could have a little juice in his life. Jerry and I had been tinkering with the idea, and I know we're late in the juice department, but Ardo already eats graham crackers, and fishes and nilla wafers (his favorite) like they are going out of style. Once we introduced other things besides fruits and veggies, he never looked back. So when it came to his drinks we've limited him to milk and water. Ardo has always been on the smaller side too so we push that whole milk on him. Sunday morning we were eating a McDonalds breakfast and Ardo came up to us and wanted some juice. I looked at Jerry and he said, "up to you?" so I let him have a sip, since we haven't given him juice the look on his face when he tried orange juice was hilarious (probably should have watered it down). But by the third sip he loved it. Aren't we the best parents ever? Wait all this time to let him try juice, and then the first juice he tries is from McDonalds!
Sidenote:: not sure why he came so close to the camera but I was cracking up!


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  2. How cute is he? :)
    Juice is so yummy. Now I want some OJ!

  3. We still dilute our so 's juice 3:1 with water, 3 parts water. But I think he's catching on!!

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