Thanksgiving was a good day. We had a small gathering at Helens house for thanksgiving. Just family, and one friend. Looking around our table I was feeling very thankful for the people family around me. And my Ardo, who has been doing everything he can to make me crazy (he is almost succeeding) but of course I am thankful for him. My little guy. And Jerry, who catches me when I do fall into crazy mode. If it wasn't for Jerry I don't know how I could ever stay balanced. Lots of food this weekend. LOTS! Not just Thanksgiving food either Jerry and I used the weekend to indulge. So Im using the next few weeks to um, not.

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ps I took no pictures of our food...I dont know why, it's very fitting for a Thanksgiving post. oops!! I do have a picture of our lunch on Saturday tho, if that counts?
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